Mariah Lyons Discusses Branding, Mood Boards, And The January Session


Can you answer the question: Who are you? Although you might not have an immediate answer, our next Session will not only help you answer that question, but this 3-hour crash course will also help you define your brand. From creating mood boards to pulling inspiration images that represent your brand, this session is designed to guide you in the right direction, and we’ve enlisted a speaker who is an expert in this field: Mariah K Lyons!

Mariah is a Wellness Stylist, Reiki Healer, and Holistic Lifestyle Leader! In addition, she leads group, private and corporate classes as well as community events blending her training in meditation, yoga, nutrition, spiritual consulting and the healing arts. Some of her clients and partners include NBC-Universal, Nike, Carbon38, Beaming, and The SohoHouse.


Check out our Q&A with Mariah below to learn more about creating a brand, organizing thoughts & ideas, and the 3 things you’ll take away from attending our next Session: Let’s Get Crafty! Who Are You & How to Brand Yourself:

SS: Why is it important to create a brand for yourself? Instead of feeling like you need to “create” your own brand for yourself, it becomes extremely important to define your intention and overall message that you want to get out into the world. The strongest “brands” and individuals with reach are the ones that fully embody their core principles and those values are woven into their DNA as a business. Define this first, then build upon. When entrepreneurs are creating their personal brand, they oftentimes try to fit into what is currently working or trendy. Rather than on building on their individual strengths, their individual essence and what it is that makes them stand out.

SS: What are your 3 favorite techniques for organizing ideas? My favorite forms of collecting and organizing inspiration are physical mood boards, cutouts from magazines/art books/nature and inspo folders (mostly secret folders) in Pinterest. Because I am just a physical visual person, it took me awhile to get into Pinterest. But, now I love that I can have both! It’s my physical mood board on the go.

SS: Do you have any advice for someone who is struggling with defining their brand? Ask yourself what defines you? Not as a “brand” but as a person. All brands go through phases and different evolutions. But, the strongest and most successful brands always stay true to their core values and purpose of being. Sit with that first. Then find the “feeling”. How do you want to feel in your position as a brand? What does that look like? How does it feel to walk around? What does your body feel like? How does it feel to other people? Once you found the feeling, move into the physical appearance (with visual inspiration and vocabulary) of that feeling.

SS: What are 3 things people will take away from attending this Session? 1. A clear understanding of their own individual core essence and how to turn that into their successful brand and image 2. Tips to manifesting and creating their dream brand and finding their voice 3. Ways to overcome the pitfalls and setbacks in creating their brand and staying true to their core while allowing for evolution and growth. As well as a gorgeous reminder of their intentions, brand, values and essence in a physical mood board!

Don't forget to purchase your tickets for the Session HERE for the chance to sip on delicious H2Rose while learning from our experts! In addition, all guests will receive coffee and delicious empanadas & acai bowls from Ubatuba. In the meantime, check out Mariah’s website for more information and follow her on social @MariahKLyon for daily inspiration.