How To Build A Killer Media Kit

Image Credit:  Only Deco Love

Image Credit: Only Deco Love

If you’re a blogger and you're ready to start partnering with the brands, you’ll need a media kit to prove how imperative it is to work with you. Think of your media kit as a resume that you’re pitching to brands you’ve always wanted to work with. You’ll want to keep it professional, make sure your information is up to date, and let your creativity and voice shine through.

There are so many beautiful media kit templates on Etsy that you can look through to get started. While you’re searching, you want to make sure your media kit stays consistent with your blog aesthetic — aesthetics are everything.

Now that you’ve found a perfect template, you’ll need to add in all the things about your blog that’ll make a brand want to work with you.

Read on to get a break down of all the things you’ll need to include in your media kit.

Image Credit:  Dizzy Brunette

Image Credit: Dizzy Brunette

The Face Behind the Blog

The first (and arguably most important) thing you want to do is introduce yourself. Write a bio describing yourself and your blog — keep it short and sweet. Make sure you include your name, your blog name, a description of your blog, a mission statement, and share your story. Consider these questions when drafting your bio: What made you decide to start a blog? What’s your niche? What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Who are your readers?

Add in a high-res photo of yourself in your template and the first part of your media kit is good to go!

Now let’s move on to the fun stuff: statistics.

Get On It, Stat!

This is where you’ll highlight the analytics from your Facebook, Blog, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. These stats give brands an idea of how active and engaged your social media following is, the demographic of your readers, and how many people your content is reaching.

Here’s what you’ll need to include:

  • Number of followers you have across all of your social platforms 

  • Number of web page views

  • Average number of page views per person

  • Number of monthly visitors

  • Average sessions

You can get all of your stats for your blog via Google Analytics. Don’t be discouraged if your numbers aren’t top-tier! So many brands work with micro influencers depending on what campaign they’re working on.  

REMEMBER to keep your statistics updated! Make a point to check your media kit at least once a month and update stats. You don't want to be sending outdated information.

Friends In High Places

You should always include a few examples of past brands you've worked with. This doesn't have to be an extensive list, but be sure to highlight projects you're proud of and big brands that you've partnered with.

Lastly — stay authentic and be consistent. Your personality is what will make you stand out from the masses, so make sure your personality shows in all aspects of your branding, from your media kit to social media.

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