Meet Simply Stylist NYC Panelist: Cara Santana and Ashley Graham


The Simply Stylist 'Do What You Love' NYC Fashion and Beauty Conference is the perfect event for anyone looking to educate themselves on the fashion, beauty, and styling industries! Fashionistas from all over will be taking over the W Lexington Hotel in New York City on Sunday, October 25th, to learn a ton about the industries they love, meet fellow fashion-lovers, and do some networking with incredible fashion and beauty brands. In the meantime, we have been hyping up our incredible list of panelists and bloggers, but can you really blame us? If you want to get to know Cara Santana of CaraDisclothed and model Ashley Graham a little better, check out our Q&A with them below! Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.19.19 AMCara Santana | CaraDisclothed

Acting isn't the only thing this Texas native has to offer! Cara's blog, CaraDisclothed, is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog inspired by her many travel adventures as an actress, entrepreneur, and blogger. Her success as an online influencer in combination with her experience as the co-founder of TheGlamApp makes her a key asset to our blogger panel!

Q&A: Getting to know our Simply Stylist Blogger Panelist, Cara Santana

What prompted you to create CaraDisclothed?

I wanted to have an open dialogue about fashion. As an actress your aesthetic is the beginning of your character transformation and as a women what you wear is the first impression you make. It's away to say who you are and how you feel without having to speak. I wanted to have a platform to express that.

Using three words, describe your personal style.

Strong, sophisticated and edgy.

What is one goal you’ve set for the new year?

Stress less.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.19.47 AMAshley Graham | Model & Body Activist

Ashley is a model, entrepreneur, role model, and body activist! She has appeared on the covers of Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, Elle UK, and Style Magazine (to name a few) and has created a line of lingerie designed to fit women of all sizes in collaboration with Addition Elle. Over the course of her career, Ashley has established herself as a role model within the fashion industry and prides herself in regularly promoting that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!

Q&A: Getting to know our Simply Stylist Panelist, Ashley Graham

What is the most rewarding aspect of modeling?

For me now, it's being able to be the voice of so many women who have struggled to love their body for so many years. I'm now using my modeling career as a platform to be a body activist, and with that I do a lot of public speaking at conferences and with intimate groups. So many women (and even men) come up to me afterwards and ask for my advice about gaining confidence and appreciating their bodies, and I'm able to connect with them personally.

Was there ever a point in your career when you surprised yourself?

I was completely surprised and proud of myself for delivering my first TEDx Talk back in April in Spain. I had actually completed a whole speech to an audience of 500 people and didn't faint or totally ruin everything! The talk was one of the most thrilling and humbling experiences of my life.

What is your life mantra?

I have a few, each for different aspects of my life. One that I like to stand firmly on is "being kind to others will get you far in life." Growing up my parents always taught me to respect everyone. As a model and business woman, I'm interacting with so many people everyday -- whether on set or in meetings. When you express kindness, it makes everyone's jobs easier and enjoyable. There's no room for diva moments!

Cara and Ashley are just two in our all-star lineup up of speakers for the Simply Stylist Fashion and Beauty Conference, so if you're looking to connect with brands, experts, and like-minded Boss Babes, then be sure to purchase your ticket HERE before its too late!