Meet the Stylist: Melanie Lacob


Melanie Lacob From an early is it was evident that Melanie Lacob was destined to work in the fashion industry. As the youngest of three sisters, Melanie found herself surrounded with style and beauty, constantly scouring the pages of her sister’s Seventeen magazines. She quickly developed a style of her own, however after enrolling at FIT and was even dubbed as a Carrie Bradshaw style twin by passerbies. After a stint in London (and selling her own clothing line to boot) Melanie found herself heading back to New York to dip her feet into the styling world – and she hasn't looked back.

Nowadays you can find Melanie here, in sunny Los Angeles, working on campaigns with Oakley, Chase/United, and styling celebrities like Randy Jackson, Derek Hough, and Serena Williams. Melanie’s work has also been featured in a number of publications from Vanity Fair to People Magazine.

We caught up with Melanie and she spill on everything from her craziest OMG moment to her must-have wardrobe stable. Take a peek…


SS: Tell us the story behind your favorite wardrobe item. 

I'm obsessed with my white sleeveless button-down shirt by Pierre Balmain. I wear it all the time - it's so versatile.  I can wear it on its own on hot California days or underneath a sweater or leather jacket when it's a bit chilly out. I can dress it up or down. It's definitely my favorite item in my closet right now. I really regret not buying a back-up!

SS: What's your most memorable "panic moment"?

Thankfully I haven't had very many! But there was this one time when my zipper got stuck and would NOT go up.  It was right after the American Idol Finale for Season 10 and after the show I decided to do a quick wardrobe change in my car before heading over to the after party. I slipped into my dress and I couldn't get the zipper to go up.  I tried and tried but it just wouldn't go.  So I got out of my car and flagged down Steven Tyler's stylist at the time and asked him to lend a hand.  Here I am – 8pm in a pretty empty parking lot in downtown LA, hot and sweaty, sucking in as much as humanely possible while he's desperately trying to get the zipper to behave.

SS: How did you recover from it gracefully? 

I don't think I did!  Unfortunately, the zipper won.  I finally had to abandon ship, drive home and do a quick outfit change. Luckily, it wasn't too out of the way and I got there fashionably late.

 SS: What is your favorite era for fashion?  

Hands down the ‘80s! I was an ‘80s baby, but unfortunately I was a little too young to really enjoy the fashion of the era – but I make up for that now! Sequins are definitely a closet staple! I don't think I can even count how many sequins dresses I have. It's a problem. I also go through moments when I am obsessed with big hair and shoulder pads. It's great because my hair is naturally curly and when I tease it naturally it gets pretty wild. It's fun.

SS: What was your big break? 

I don't know if I've had a "big break”. I feel like every job I've had, big or small, at that moment in time felt like my "big break". Over the years my career has been steady and I've had the chance to work with so many incredible people, photographers, and publications. Yet, no matter how much I work it never quite feels like enough. I think that's the problem when you're really ambitious – you're never ready to settle and say “I've done it”. There is always something else I want to do around the corner.

SS: Whose closet would you most like to raid? 

I would love to raid Sienna Miller’s wardrobe. I love how she always looks so effortless and laid-back.

SS: Who are your favorite designers?  

There are so many! I love J Brand jean because they fit me like a glove. I also love Balmain, Saint Laurent (whose been killing it the past few seasons), and Zimmerman’s feminine shapes and silhouettes.


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