Meet the Stylist: Dawn Del Russo

Dawn-del-russo Dawn Del Russo has a hot and heavy love affair with fashion! She is a stylist, author, and on-air fashion expert who has been featured on E! News, NBC, Fox, CBS, and more! Also, her fashion tips have been seen everywhere from InStyle Magazine to Real Simple, and her passion for sharing fashion tips and tricks led her to writing the book, "101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle".

Simply Stylist's, Sarah Boyd, had the chance to chat with Dawn and find out her story. Check it out below!

1) Tell us the story behind your favorite wardrobe item

It is so hard to pick just one favorite item, but I would have to say my hot pink patent leather Christian Louboutin heels. I purchased them for myself for my 30th birthday, and have been in love with them ever since. They make any outfit absolutely spectacular.

2) What's your most memorable 'panic moment'?

My most memorable "panic" moment was when I arrived to a magazine photoshoot with only half of the clothing I previously pulled. One of the garment bags (with 10 dresses in it) was left behind at my studio. My heart sank and panic struck. I had no time to go back and had to make what I had work. Thankfully it did.

3) How did you recover from it gracefully?'

The first thing I did was not mention it to the editors I was working with. I made every single piece I pulled out of the other garment bags seem like the "perfect" piece for the shoot. Then I accessorized like crazy. Now I triple check everything I pack up to go on location.

4) What is your favorite era for fashion?

Each era has a style I adore. I am most drawn to the late 50's/early 60's "Audrey Hepburn" "Elizabeth Taylor" glamorous screen-goddess style.

5) What was your big break?

My very first television appearance was one of my most memorable big breaks when I received a call from Fox 5 NY wanting to do a segment on a product I was selling in my boutique. They left a message, and I did not receive it until 8pm at night. Then I listened to it 3 times to make sure it was really for me. I quickly returned to call and booked the date. Since it was the first, it was a big deal, and I had champagne and hors d'oeuvres with family watching. I think the camera crew and reporter were overwhelmed, but had fun seeing the excitement. It will always be memorable. I’ve loved sharing fashion scoop on television ever since!

6) Whose closet would you most like to raid?

There are 2 closets I would love to raid: one is Miroslava Duma, a former Russian Harper's Bazaar editor and now founder of Buro 24/7. Her style is so brilliant - mixing designer pieces and the most fabulous of shoes, her closet has to be insane. The second is Giovanna Battaglia. She is an Italian fashion editor, and her wardrobe has been one I admired for years now. I'd love to slip into a few of her darling skirts or many gorgeous dresses.

7) Who are your favorite designers?

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel is pure fashion, so, I love. Chloe is a go-to brand for me for their pastel tones, and I can't get enough of Miu Miu lately. Christian Louboutin, of course, is forever my shoe of choice; I can't stop buying them. Missoni and Gucci are two that I think will always be staple designers in my wardrobe as well.

To stay up to date with Dawn, be sure to follow her on Twitter @DawnDelRusso. She's also on Pinterest, Vine (Dawn Del Russo), Facebook, Instagram, YouTube her personal style blog, and her fashion blog, My Intimate Affair with Fashion. When does she have time to style with all this social media?! Busy lady!

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