Bloglovin's Morgan Kaye On Influencer Success


If you're an influencer, then no doubt you've heard of (and probably use) Bloglovin'. It's the go-to RSS feed for bloggers who want to keep their audience updated, as well as for followers who want to know the latest on all their favorite blogs in one easy spot. Morgan Kaye works as the VP of Community + Support at Bloglovin', and lucky for you, she'll be speaking on our "Monetize Your Influence" breakout session at Simply Stylist LA. Morgan is responsible for influencer partnerships, community growth, social media, and support, and she has been working with digital influencers for over seven years. Simply put, Morgan knows a thing or two about what makes for successful influencer growth.

To learn all about Morgan's secrets for success, get your #SimplyLA tickets HERE, and keep reading to learn a little bit more about Bloglovin' and tips on how to grow your blog!

SS: 10 years of Bloglovin’ — Congratulations! How has the company evolved since its launch? Thank you! We’re so thrilled to be in our tenth year and the founders are profoundly proud. The five founders initially started building websites shortly after high school in a garage in Täby, Sweden - yes, entrepreneurs at such a young age! Not before long they launched the first version of Bloglovin’ and in little time they had close to 1,000 sign-ups. They realized quickly the importance of the influencer and partnered with as many bloggers as possible to implement their widget. The website continued to grow and ten years later we are a full service influencer network and the largest community as well! Now headquartered in Soho, New York we still hold true to our Scandinavian roots and have a small team in Sweden.

SS: Are Bloglovin’s goals the same as they were 10 years ago? If not, what are they now? Bloglovin’ always put the influencer first. Our main objective from day one was to help influencers succeed. To this day, that is still our mission - we have just expanded the ways in which we’re helping them do so. We’ve emerged from being an RSS reader that provides great referral traffic to also a prominent leader in the influencer marketing industry. Bloglovin’ offers not only amazing traffic but revenue opportunities, branded campaigns, educational resources, strategic partnerships, and networking events.

We are also beyond excited about our new publishing platform. Launched in late February, it was only a matter of time until we enabled users to start blogging on the platform. For new bloggers, it’s a great introduction into the world of blogging and a much simpler approach than using some other known platform. For influencers who already have a blog up and running, it’s a great opportunity to expand your readership and create new + creative content that may or may not be different than what you’re currently producing for your existing blog. To get more information on how to start creating your own content on Bloglovin’, check out THIS blog post.

SS: Has the Bloglovin’ platform impacted the digital industry? If so, how? We are the original influencer network. We have not only helped influencers grow but are now educating brands and agencies best practices when working with creators. In addition, we are executing meaningful and impactful branded content campaigns across various social platforms. No other network has the same capabilities.

SS: What are the benefits of joining Bloglovin’s network? To break it down, we have two platforms for influencers: (1) Bloglovin' and (2) Activate by Bloglovin'.

On Bloglovin’, we are the primary source for inspiration – connecting people with everyone that influences them. With over 10MM registered active users and 800K verified blogs, you will not only find amazing, original content but you now have the opportunity to create your own. For influencers, we are consistently helping to expand their readership + drive more traffic back to their sites.

Activate by Bloglovin’ enables you to now monetize your influence. Work with your favorite brands on branded content campaigns and start making that $$$!!

And let’s not forget how AMAZING this community is! We greatly value the relationships we have with our influencers and try and connect as often as possible with them. We offer educational resources, social media opportunities, cross-promotional partnerships, and fun events like our highly-anticipated Bloglovin' Awards.

SS: Does Bloglovin’ help influencers monetize? If so, how? Yes! With over 140K influencers + 1B in total reach, we are the largest influencer network. Our goal is to connect as many influencers as possible with amazing brands to help them grow, succeed, and make money! We offer various sponsorship opportunities at competitive rates so don’t miss out - join Activate by Bloglovin' today!

SS: Do you have advice for an influencer who is looking to increase the amount of money she makes online? A ton! First and foremost, I think it’s imperative for influencers to get into this business for the right reasons. Meaning, you should be passionate about your content and your unique voice. We’re so fortunate that ad dollars are shifting into the pockets of influencers and that the influencer market as a whole is booming. Here’s a great checklist to make sure you’re maximizing your monetization efforts:

  • Continue to perfect your content – content is king.
  • Grow your following + build your engagement.
  • Work with Networks. You can’t do this on your own - Join networks like Activate by Bloglovin'!
  • Create a professional media kit + learn how to talk to brands, agencies, and other market professionals.
  • Know your worth. Don’t underestimate your time + hard work.
  • Don’t oversaturate. Brands are savvy and want to see original, non-sponsored content.
  • Be attentive, pleasant to work with + professional. The more serious you take yourself, the better you’ll be perceived.
  • Most importantly, stay authentic!

Ready to learn more from Morgan? Watch her video from Simply Stylist NY HERE and get your #SimplyLA tickets HERE!