Mother's Day DIY Gifts



To continue our Mother's Day gift guide week we are giving you exclusive DIY ideas straight from Event Expert, April Luca (who also helps with our fabulous conferences)! Check them out below.


Heat Embossed Photo Album. Get custom Stamp and Heat Embosser from Paper Source HERE

Heat Embosser: BUY HERE


Stationary Cards (plain)

Colored Embossing Powder

White Ink

Rubber Stamp (get a custom one especially for your mom)


Hole Punch

Heat Gun

Glue for Photos


1. Emboss your stationary in a variety of areas (front and back of cards) to create a unique design your mother will love.

2. Lightly glue the photos to the stationary.

3. Hole punch a hole in the upper left corner of each stationary card.

4. Make a special Cover for your album and use it as the front page.

5. Use the ribbon to tie all of the cards together through the stationary hole.

Tea Tin Pots

Tea Tins as Herb Pots

Repurpose your tea tins into new herb pots for your mother.

Arrange all of your old tea tins (they can be different shapes and sizes) and plant a range of herbs. Your mom will be able to pick the herb fresh from this new, beautiful potted garden you created!

Mason Jar

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser


 Mason jar

Old soap bottle (with pump)

Drill with hole attachment

Eye Protection for Drilling


Scissors or box cutter

Black marker or pen


1. Cut off top of old soap bottle just below the thread
 and unscrew it from the pump and tube.

2. Use pen to measure and mark a circle in the lid of the mason jar 
at the size of the inner circle of the thread.

3. Drill hole in lid of mason jar
 the size of the circle you drew.

4. Mix epoxy and apply to the lower rim of the bottle top and attach to the mason jar lid from the underside of the lid (the threads will go through the hole.

5. Insert the pump dispenser through the bottle top and screw tightly to secure.

6. Let the epoxy dry according to the instructions

7. Fill with your mom’s favorite liquid soap.

air plant

Air Plants

Air Plant Kits: BUY HERE



"I am really excited about using Videoshop to create homemade videos, and who better to make one for than your mother?! This app ($1.99) has tons of features to make your video look (semi) pro. You can add music, your voice or sounds, cut and slow-mo your footage, and has filters! You can also add text, so no matter where your mom is, close or far, you can write her a note and tell her how much you love her via video! This will definitely bring a tear to her eye and be a keeper."