Sarah’s Perfect Bikini Fit With Target Style


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If there’s one thing every young professional knows, online it’s that no two days are the same in the life of an entrepreneur. This was especially true for our founder and resident #GirlBoss Sarah, who was recently selected to participate in a fab day of styling and fun in the sun with Target. Get it, girl! She teamed up with a gaggle of cool bloggers (Nash of Fabulatina, Chante of Everything Curvy & Chic, and Nikki of My Style Diaries) as well as style expert, Zanna Roberts Rassi and the wonderful team at Target to create some really fun videos about choosing the perfect swimwear for any body type. So cool! Check out Sarah’s take on the experience, below and don’t forget to join the social media conversation, using #TargetStyle.

target style_swimwear_picks


OMG, IT’S SWIMSUIT SEASON! AH! Normally, this fact would bring on a little twinge; you know, that feeling every non-supermodel gets when she realizes she’ll have to be practically naked in front of other humans soon? Yeah, that twinge! This time around, though, I got to hang with some cool blogger babes and one of my favorite Style Experts, Zanna Roberts Rassi, to dish all about picking the perfect swimsuit for any body type. On top of it all, we did an amazing pool party themed photo shoot that was even more fun than it looks! Swimsuit shopping for me usually goes something like this: enter store, immediately break out into a sweat at the idea of choosing from the countless options available and flee as soon as possible. No bueno! I’m petite, so my biggest concern typically centers on my small bust. Other than that, I’m usually not dissuaded by very many factors, which can make shopping downright overwhelming…where’s a girl to start?! One thing the ladies and I talked about with Zanna was playing up our favorite features instead of focusing too much on so-called problem areas. sarah boyd_target style_shoot

sarah boyd_target style_bikini

Not to toot my own horn (beep beep!), but I’d say I’ve got a pretty cute bum…so Zanna helped me choose a suit that flattered my lovely lady lumps, while elongating my small frame and creating a little bit more shape. Love, love, love! One of the most important things I learned has more to do with mindset than anything else. As women, we’re held to standards that are not only impossible, but can be quite damaging. The lesson is this: there are tons of swimwear options out there. TONS. Why force yourself to fit into a swimsuit, when there are loads of great pieces that are made to fit YOU? Know your strengths and flaunt them! Don’t look at your least favorite features as obstacles, but instead choose swimwear that is flattering and frames your body the best.

target style_bikinis

My new suit is so perfect for me—I can’t wait to rock it all summer! There’s a perfect fit for every body type; you’ve just gotta get out there and find it! See you at the pool! Find Your Style @TargetStyle.