5 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Yourself


We’re busy people! Making time for ourselves can be next to impossible, but it is crucial to being healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally.

August is National Wellness Month, so we came up with 5 simple ways to take some time for yourself each day and improve your self-care, though of course you should follow these tips all year long!

1) Keep An Emotional Health Journal

Starting in grade school, we learn the importance of planning. We are told to keep track of our school work in a planner. One thing that we often forget to add to our planners: time for ourselves. The Kindness Campaign and organization lifestyle brand Erin Condren partnered up to create an emotional health planner, the I Am Enough petite planner. The I Am Enough Planner is a simple way to make time for yourself each day. Aimed at building a healthy self-image, emotional awareness, empathy and community, this creative planner contains daily prompts and questions to evoke such topics.

2) Follow Inspirational Social Media Accounts

We spend so much of our daily lives looking at social media, especially if you are in the influencer world like we are. Following inspirational accounts that post positive quotes and images is an easy way to consume content that makes you focus on yourself and feel good about yourself, instead of letting social media content get you down. These accounts take a stance on healthy self-imaging, emotional awareness, empathy and community. Go check out our Best Inspirational Instagrams To Follow For Women Empowerment for a few suggestions on which accounts to follow!

3) Do Something Creative

Photo:  @jesiiii

Photo: @jesiiii

At some point everyone has felt stuck at work or overwhelmed by their day-to-day life. A great way to inspire new ideas and relax is to take time to do something creative. Whether it’s painting, designing something, or creative writing, letting those creative juices flow gives you the opportunity clear your head and focus on yourself.

4) Get On A Regular Sleep Schedule

Caught a cold? Sleep. Stressed out? Sleep. Lacking Energy? Sleep. Sleep seems to be the solution to everything. Getting into a regular sleep schedule improves your overall self-care in countless ways. It is easy to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day and forgo sleep, but when you make getting some rest a priority, you’ll feel so much more productive when you are awake!

Here are a few apps you can use to get the best sleep ever.

5) Treat Yourself

We get so caught up in work, bills, chores and countless other things that we forget to reward ourselves for all the amazing things we accomplish. Whether it is on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, find time to treat yourself. Treating yourself is a form of positive reinforcement that improves your self-awareness. At SIMPLY, we love to treat ourselves with weekly group lunches and team activities, but we also love a good facial or pedicure.

What are some ways you practice self-care on the regular?