Setting Goals For The New Year


You might think that making a New Year’s resolution and setting goals for 2016 are the same thing, but they are most definitely not! New Year’s resolutions usually involve making a change to the way you normally live (eating healthier, working out more, spending less, etc.), but goals are set so that you have something to strive for. Basically, the difference is that New Year’s resolutions take away, while goals give you something to look forward to and check off your 'to do' list. So, put those new year’s resolutions aside and get into the mindset of what you want out of 2016! What exactly do you want to achieve this new year? You don’t have to think in huge, over-the-top terms, it can be as simple as giving back to your community once a month or breaking a large goal into several smaller ones. Either way, it is important to set goals for 2016 that are achievable, motivating, and inspiring. Check out these 4 goals for the new year that are simple, yet they will give you the satisfaction of putting a check mark next to something you’ve always said you’re going to do but have never actually done.


Spend strategically Easier said than done, right? Budgeting sounds like the most miserable thing in the world, but we promise it’s not. Take a look back at your previous credit card statements and make note of how much you spend in different categories (Grocery, food & drink, shopping, health & beauty, etc.). Then, set monthly goals for how much you think you’ll need in each area and try not to go over! You’ll be surprised as to how easy it is to strategically plan out your spending when you have a set price point in mind.

Take that step Whether it is in regards to our careers, social lives, or personal goals, we all have something in mind that we want to do, but we don’t know where to start. Whether it is reaching out to a former business connection, researching a topic you know little about, or attending a Simply Stylist Conference or Session, set monthly goals for yourself that are easy to achieve, but that are also baby steps towards achieving something bigger.

Set a Date We’ve all been there — We tell ourselves that we are going to do a juice cleanse following our holiday vacation in Cabo, but when the time comes, our plans fall through. It isn’t that we don’t want to do it, it’s just that researching the right cleanse, ordering the products, and sticking to it is a lot of work. In 2016, take action! Schedule a juice cleanse into your calendar for every month, every other month, or however often you want to do one. That way when the time comes, your guilt of deleting the cleanse from your calendar will actually force you to do it!

Our fave cleanse is LA Juice!

Follow your resolution You’ve heard this before, but we are telling you again: Follow your New Year’s resolution! When looking at the big picture of your resolution, it’s easy to put it off until you forget about it. Instead, set small, monthly goals that will help you achieve your resolution by the end of the year. Trust us, they will seem a lot less intimidating and a lot more doable!



Photos via Damsel in Dior

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