Which SIMPLY LA Track Should You Pick?

SIMPLY LA quiz 2.jpg

With the exciting changes coming to this year's SIMPLY LA Conference, there's one question we've been asked a lot: 

Which track should I pick!?

We get it. It's a seriously tough decision to make, and unlike previous conferences, you won't be able to switch between the two rooms throughout the day, which is why you'll want to make sure you choose the track that's right for you.

To make the decision easier on you, we made a quiz that can guide you in the right direction! 


1. Is growing your personal social following a big priority?

a) Of course! I'm always working on expanding my audience
b) I'm more interested in growing my brand's following

2. Are you trying to make money off of your blog or social media?

a) Yes! Teach me how to get paid deals!
b) Not really, but I would like to help others get paid partnerships

3. Do you like being in front of the camera, or do you like working behind the scenes?

a) I love being the focus of attention
b) I'm more of a behind-the-scenes girl

4. Does the world of influencer marketing interest you?

a) Not really—I'm an influencer, not an influencer manager
b) Yes! I'd love to learn more about that industry

5. Are you interested in the technical side of digital marketing?

a) I'd rather focus on content creation and creating engagement
b) Totally! I really want to understand how to use SEO, social media ads, and other tools


If you answered mostly A's...

You should sign up for the Influencer Track! You'll learn all about creating engaging content, landing paid partnership deals, and how to use your voice as an influencer to make a positive impact on the world.

If you answered mostly B's...

You should sign up for the Digital Marketing Track! You'll learn how to run your own influencer marketing campaign, how to use SEO to increase your digital presence, and interpret social media analytics. 

No matter what track you pick, you're going to learn so much, so there are really no wrong choices! And remember, both tracks will have access to the keynote speakers, receive breakfast and lunch, and get our coveted SIMPLY gift bags!

So what are you waiting for!? Go on and get your tickets so you can kickstart your career in the fashion & beauty world! And don't forget: you can sign up for our payment plan to break up your ticket into several installments!