Simply Session: Blogging - The Creative Side


session invite So, cialis 40mg cheap you started a blog. Now what? We are thrilled to announce that our next Session will be a 3-hour crash course with Stephanie Liu of Honey & Silk and guest speakers Michaela Blaney of Amore & Vita and Arzu Yonak of Tara Ink. This Session will teach you everything from the creative side of blogging, approved to content creation, to photography — you’ll learn how to come up with ideas and execute them with ease!

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Stephanie Liu is a dedicated jetsetter, creative mastermind, and the founder of Honey & Silk! When she isn’t busy attending countless soirees with like-minded fashionistas, Stephanie is running her elegant, yet effortless fashion blog on-the-go as she continually travels from city to city. Her hectic lifestyle has only increased her love for adventure by allowing her to pull inspiration from her favorite brands, priceless experiences, and personal style to create a unique take on fashion.


Michaela Blaney created Amore & Vita with her best friend and Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell in 2014. Since launching the blog, Shay’s chic fashion sense in combination with Michaela’s love for food, art, and creating eye-catching content has made them a true dynamic duo! Michaela is not only an expert in coming up with countless creative ideas for the blog, but she also prides herself in being able to pull inspiration from the little things in life!


Arzu Yonak has had her hands on every aspect of the fashion industry and currently lends her industry expertise to Tara Ink, a public relations agency that specializes in incorporating modern culture into event coordinating, bilingual PR, and marketing. Arzu is experienced with working behind-the-scenes of fashion shows, editing, producing, styling, keeping up with the latest trends, and more, which makes her a perfect guest speaker for our upcoming Session!

These ladies will be hosting this Session here in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 19th! If you have a passion for blogging or want to learn about what goes into maintaining a successful blog, this isn’t a Session you want to miss!

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