Stress Management Tips From Kelly Resendez

Image Credit:  @wendyslookbook

Image Credit: @wendyslookbook

Getting stressed out is no fun, and it can have a lot of negative impact on your work and personal life. If you're finding yourself feeling stressed with work, Big Voices author Kelly Resendez is here to share her 7 tips for stress management! 

Common causes of stress at work include feeling undervalued, being overwhelmed about your work load and how to manage your time, and being a victim of a hostile or unacceptable environment. Tasks or projects assigned may also require skills that an employee doesn’t possess and leave them feeling like a failure. Stress can vary from being mild to severe depending on the circumstances.

Stress causes our physical bodies to release cortisol, which is devastating to our physical sleep. We can lose sleep and experience anxiety. An employee may be more likely to take sick days and lose productivity as a result of their stress. Depending on the severity, it can lead people to distract themselves with unhealthy options like alcohol or drugs. It can also devastate families if you are unable to control your emotions at home.


7 Strategies For Stress Management

1. Get Secure

First, if there are any safety or legal issues, seek help from HR immediately. If fear is driving you not to make a report, that is the reason you MUST make one. Your safety and security are of upmost importance.

2. Find The Source

Clearly identify the source of the stress. Document what is occurring, what the options are to overcome it and what parties are involved. Once you have this, you can meet with anyone that can help you overcome the issue. If you have a co-worker harassing you, meeting with HR and allowing them to intervene would be an example. If it is something you need to work through, such as managing your time or projects better, you might start researching this online, taking online training courses or hire a business coach to help you.

3. Identify Triggers

Identify your triggers that regularly produce the stress. I recommend using my Trigger Management Strategy to document what is happening throughout your day.

4. Craft A Vision

Create a vision, goals, and a plan to improve the quality of your career. Often we are stressed because we don’t feel like we are progressing. If we have an underlying passion or goal but haven’t clearly defined it, we will feel stress.

5. Name Your Feelings

Give a name to your emotions: rather than just feel stressed, document thoughts and emotions that create fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, etc. at work to better understand when they show up and how they impact you. Doing this gives you the space needed to have a plan for moving forward rather than just staying in this state.

If we generalize, things can feel hopeless. Give yourself permission to feel certain things, but don't allow it to steal your productivity or distract you, which will make the problem worse.

6. Form Better Habits

Increasing self-care during times of stress will help tremendously. Identify things that create peace and relaxation such as yoga, walking, taking a bath, etc. that you can schedule more regularly. Create a morning ritual to prepare for your day. Take some quiet time before work to review "I AM" statements or a mantra that supports the mindset needed to reduce stress.

7. Exercise Your Body + Mind

Exercise is the best medicine for reducing stress besides removing the triggers that create the stress. Eating healthy and taking time to laugh and enjoy life will help offset any stress you feel at work.

Journaling what feelings you are having at work will help as well. Find passion outside of work if you have to stay in your job for financial reasons.


By following these 7 steps, you'll be well on your way to reducing stress and staying relaxed at work!


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Kelly holds the title of Executive Vice President for Paramount Partners Group, where she heads the retail mortgage division for Loan Pal. She uses the same concepts of mindfulness, self-discovery, and goal setting to help those in the mortgage and real estate industries create a successful business.

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