Supermodel Molly Sims Shares Tips To Empower Women In New Book


There was a time when Supermodels were thought of as mythical creatures. Like unicorns, healing their mystery was exceeded only by a universal sense of awe and envy over their flawless physiques. Supermodels are still larger than life characters who jet around the globe, this web gracing the covers of magazines and appearing in ad campaigns, vialis 40mg but the advent of social media has brought on a demystification of sorts. Now, instead of day dreaming about what they do when they aren’t walking the runway or posing for high fashion editorial spreads, a quick scan of their social media accounts can give us behind the scenes access to their most personal moments. Some glamazons, like one of the all-time greats, Molly Sims, have taken an extra step and invited us even deeper into their lives. Molly has finally done what she considers to be the single hardest feat of her career: penning a book. The Everyday Supermodel, a fully-illustrated guide to living a fabulously balanced life, touches on everything from life hacks in beauty, fitness and fashion, sharing a decades-in-the-making arsenal of tips and tricks she’s picked up while working in the fashion industry.

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“I really believe in women. I’m such a girl’s girl”, Molly said Tuesday, during her Los Angeles book launch celebration at Drybar. When asked about the one thing she wanted readers to take away from her book, she emphasized the importance of self-confidence and maintaining a “work gets work” mentality. “I’m from Kentucky. I had no reason to be in this field and I look back and that was 20 years ago”, she shared. “The one thing [I want readers to take away from the book] is that you can be better than what you think you are.” As far as building her own personal brand, Molly divulged that it’s been no easy task. Her mantra? “Do 10 things and hopefully 1 will work.” Although she is all about hard work and making moves, she admits that the integration of social media into the entertainment industry has presented its fair share of challenges. “With where we are, modeling is different, hosting is different, acting is different…It’s not just like you show up and do the job. It’s how many tweets, how many Facebooklikes. It’s a different landscape.”

Despite all the demands of an ever-evolving industry, Molly has solidified a place for herself in it. Her multi-hyphenate title, which already included model, actress, host and recently author now also boasts YouTuber. Molly’s YouTube channel, much like her new book, is a place for her to connect with fans on a girl-to girl level. “I’d never produced photo shoots and video and now I have”, Molly tells of the experience. Through all her endeavors, she shared that the best piece of advice she’s ever gotten is this: “Dare to be a little but different”. She is a perfect example of how courage and adaptability can foster longevity in any career field.

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 Original story found on FORBES written by Sarah Boyd.