A.SweeT Soiree With Lauren Conrad



Last night we celebrated Paper Crown's Fall 2013 collection at A.SweeT Boutique in Beverly Hills and got to chat with the lovely Lauren Conrad about networking, building relationships and balancing life within this industry.

We asked: Why is networking so important?

Lauren: Networking is all about keeping in contact with the right people and also working with the right people. I like working with people I already know, I would hate to go into a job with strangers. I need to be surrounded by people I can trust and maintain a positive relationship with.

We asked: How do you balance so many jobs within the fashion industry and also keep such a positive image?

Lauren: It is all about having a GREAT team behind me. I can't be in two places at once so I need to be surrounded by people I can trust and will handle the tasks I can't. Delegating is also extremely important, which is something I found very difficult to handle. I like to be in control so it was hard to let other people handle tasks, but is also key in getting jobs done.




Photo Credits: @PaperCrownLuvsU & @ASweetBoutique

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