Take the Risk: Corri McFadden Spills About Decision That Changed Her Life


The Simply Stylist ‘Do What You Love’ Chicago 2016 Fashion & Beauty Conference is right around the corner, and all of this #GirlBoss talk has us obsessing over one of our Breakout Speakers, Corri McFadden of eDrop-Off! As the owner and founder of eDrop-Off, Corri has completely changed the world of luxury consignment. Not only has eDrop-Off remained one of eBay’s largest sellers in the Handbags, Shoes, and Accessories category, but they will also come straight to your door (in major cities) for pick-ups or closet cleans!  Most recently, Corri launched a blog, Glitter and Bubbles, to provide fashion, décor, and food inspiration to modern moms!

Corri is a major influencer in business, fashion and Motherhood, and we caught up with her to find out how she does it. See the below Q&A to learn more about Corri and the decision that changed her life!

Corri 1

SS: Your entrepreneurial ambition resulted in you missing your college graduation. How has that decision impacted your career? It changed my life! The business plan for eDrop-Off was my Senior project, so when my Professor told me it was a terrible idea…well, I ran for the hills (or rather eBay Live!). I was determined to prove this concept successful and this set the tone for my entire career. Never let anyone tell you, you can’t do something. Never! You have to believe in yourself, even when no one else does. You are your biggest fan so don’t be afraid to shout it out!

SS: Tell us a little more about eDrop-Off’s auctions. Oh, where do I start? Let’s go with the most recent – Sophia Bush!!!! One of my favorite people, with one of the most coveted closets, recently sold over 1700 items through eDrop-Off. We cleaned out her closet in both LA and Chicago and although it took over 20-hours (yes, I said 20!), it was by far one of the most fun closet cleans I have ever done. Letting go of items can be hard, but when you decide to start letting go, the process can be invigorating! Add some cocktails and giggles, and it becomes a party!

Another memorable auction was a few years ago when we sold the largest private collection of vintage Chanel. Over 1400 pieces and some of the sickest handbags and shoes I have ever seen. Vintage, kept in pristine condition and a shoe collection that would make your heart stop.

SS: You have a lot on your plate — motherhood, eDrop-Off, and Glitter and Bubbles — how do you balance it all? What balance?! Ha! Motherhood is by far one of the most enjoyable roles I have ever played, but throw in a full email inbox and chaos can ensue. My calendar is my savior and I have learned to be realistic with my time. I can plan my day according to appointments but it's the unplanned moments that can throw your entire day off. I put breaks in between appointments to accommodate the unexpected and schedule realistic time slots for tasks. I also try to really be in the moment with whatever task is at hand. If I am at music class with Zelda, I put my phone away and bring my larger camera so I am not tempted to look at my inbox when snapping pics. When I am at work, I make sure to give people my full attention, so I can problem solve efficiently. Its not always easy and I still have days that and with task boxes unchecked, but planning ahead has definitely helped and I get better at it every day.

SS: As the true Pioneer of Luxury Consignment, what advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs? Trust your instincts, never let anyone tell you, you can’t do something and work hard (really, really hard). Now let me clarify, there will be obstacles and there will be things you can’t do but finding alternate ways of doing them is how you avoid roadblocks that others might put in your way. People always advise Entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, but they sometimes forget to stress that attaining your dreams can require an incredible amount of work. I still pack boxes in the shipping department and I am the one called if the toilet overflows (a plumber too of course). These are the pictures no one wants to see on Social Media, and this is the “real” reality. I am a worker at heart and have gained success from getting my hands dirty. Being an Entrepreneur means you have to rely on yourself and this includes your instincts, your heart and your own sweat!


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