The #GirlBoss’ Guide to a Relaxing Summer


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With summer coming fast, rx our mindset is slowly shifting to that easy, breezy summer mode. In between stacked meetings and assignments, we just can’t stop our brains from thinking of all the summer fun to be had! Sure, trips, parties and other social events are a blast, but the time we treasure most is spent in solitude, doing things that are relaxing to the mind, body and soul (stay tuned in the coming weeks for our first ever Simply Stylist RETREAT….say what?!). Being a busy professional makes it a little tricky to settle down and take it easy; after all, our minds are always going, even when we want them to stop! Take a look at these simple tricks to chill out this summer and turn your free time into your very own mini-vacay!


Start a summer reading list…and stick with it!

Summer reading isn’t just for kids anymore. What was once a ploy to keep our young brains active over the summer can now be used for the opposite effect—to calm the busy mind and allow us to escape to another world for a while.

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Hunker down at the beach or by the pool

For those of us living in coastal cities, the beach is one of those pleasures that we always say we want to enjoy, but rarely find the time for. This summer, carve out time to head to the beach and camp there for the whole day! If heading to the beach is out of the question, a pool will do just fine! Don’t have a pool? Head over to a friend’s place or even get yourself a pass to a day spa and enjoy the facilities!

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Write in your journal

Your teenage angst is behind you, but that doesn’t mean you still don’t need a safe-haven to release your feelings. Journaling is great for clearing your head when you’ve hit a creative block and even for helping you articulate your concerns at work or in relationships when you are having a tough time sifting through your emotions. Sometimes, it’s just nice to put pen to paper and see where you end up!

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