Tonya Michelle Talks The Importance of A Digital Disconnect

We’re always wondering how content creators maintain a work-life balance. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, especially when you love what you do! It is no secret social media is 24/7 in the digital space — This means it is always happening, it is everywhere, and it might be difficult to take a brief pause and step back to examine reality! Is taking a break slacking off? Will a digital disconnect help reconnect yourself with those around you? As a seasoned Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Tonya Michelle knows the importance of connecting with the digital world and knowing when it is time to disconnect. Below, Tonya shares advice for aspiring content creators, and how to balance the workaholic life that can come with it!


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SS: What inspires you? There are many things that inspire me on a daily basis. Where do I start? Let's start with my better half that I spend everyday with. He inspires me because of his work ethic, his passion for the things he does and how big his heart is to help others no matter what they might need help doing. He supports my dream of becoming a full time blogger 100% and I couldn't succeed without him. He truly pushes me everyday and I'm blessed to have him.

SS: How do you maintain a work-life balance? It's not easy balancing things out. I think it takes trial and error to be honest. When my boyfriend looks at me like 'Can you put your phone down?' It's time to do so, haha. It's easy to get caught up into 'work' when it doesn't feel like 'work' — We both put our electronics away at night and have a special date night once a week. Never forget that life is happening outside of the social media world and you'll be just fine.

SS: What is your advice to girls who want to pursue blogging? I would tell anyone who has a passion for blogging to follow that passion. Make monthly goals and check them off every time you achieve one. Sometimes we forget how much we achieve when we see others around us achieving as well. Also, my biggest word of advice to anyone would be, don't compare your chapter to someone else's. We all start at the same place and there is room for everyone to succeed. The only competition in the blogging world is yourself, put your all into it.

SS: Where do you see the digital world in 5 years? I think the digital world is being more and more important in every aspect in our lives, I honestly have no idea where it will be in 5 years. But I do know where ever it might arise to, we need to remember to have down time away from our electronics.

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