Trend Report: Pastel Pinks


And who said pastels were only trendy in the spring?! The pastel pink trend is one of the hottest shades this winter season! Whether you want to try a floppy hat or high-waisted silk pants, ed this trend works great with winter white! Try any of these looks below:

Lux Fluffy Tee - $48 - BUY HERE!

Reversible Rib V Dress - $210 - BUY HERE!

Petal Stud Earrings - $20 - BUY HERE!

Crepe Cuff Bomber - $110 - BUY HERE!

Senso Qimat in Pastel Pink Calf - $209 - BUY HERE!

Jersey Tapered Pants - $345 - BUY HERE

Angora-Blend Sweater - $148 - BUY HERE!

RED Valentino Full Skirt Faille Dress - $416 - BUY HERE!

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