Turn Your Office Into A Place That Inspires


We’re all familiar with the scene: 7AM Monday morning: the alarm goes off for the first time, you instinctively hit snooze. Your groggy brain decides to forego a shampoo and condition in the shower; your roots can last another day. You throw on a go-to office outfit, apply a natural makeup look, and hit the road, praying the coffee in hand will revive your creative spirit while inching along in traffic.

By 9AM, you’re situated at your desk and the caffeine still hasn't kicked in, but your brain is forced to enter "work mode" regardless. You're in need of some inspiration.

Luckily, we at Simply Stylist have discovered an easy way to switch things up and inspire creativity. We've redecorated by adding our new LIK Squared artwork on the wall; this one features the iconic Hollywood Sign. Immediately we're transported to our favorite trendy rooftop bar or reminiscing about our last weekend hike at Griffith Park. While we're busy planning exciting events like #SimplyLA, it's nice to look over at our gorgeous art piece and feel inspired.

Is your office space feeling monotonous lately? Time for an office decor shakeup! Just like adding our Hollywood Sign photo refreshed the Simply headquarters and left us feeling inspired, changing up your office decor will breathe new life into the space and encourage you to power through the day. Change is good, and mixing things up will keep things exciting.

Here are some simple ways to change up your office environment:

Add a new art piece that inspires and transports you. We suggest any of the amazing works from LIK Squared! And just for our special readers, we're offering 25% off all LIK Squared orders with promo code SIMPLYSTYLIST25.

Spruce things up with a touch of nature. Succulents are uber-trendy right now, and adding some greenery to the indoors keeps things fresh—literally!

Find office supplies that bring you joy. It may feel like a small detail, but using cute office supplies can make work so much better. We are huge fans of rose gold office accessories, and pens with encouraging sayings make our day when work has us stressing out.

And even when the new-ness feeling begins to wear off, a quick redecorating can be the best cure for an uninspired mind. Take pride in your work and let your work space be your go-to for a creative pick me up!

This post is done in partnership with LIK Squared.