Want It or Flaunt It: Summer Clutch

Want It or Flaunt It - Summer Clutch The Givenchy envelop clutch featured above is absolutely gorgeous. It's a piece that is perfect for summer: the color, size, and it is right on trend. Still, it's a bit pricey. Simply Stylist has found a few other pieces that are very similar in color and in detail to the Givenchy that won't kill your wallet. Check out our picks below!

1. Givenchy Antigona Envelop Clutch - $1,280 - BUY HERE 2. ASOS Metal Frame Envelope Clutch - $30.55 - BUY HERE
3. Aldo Meerut Clutch - $40.00 - BUY HERE
4. DKNY Saffiano Envelope Clutch - $78.00 - BUY HERE
5. Aldo Ventur Clutch - $40.00 - BUY HERE