10 Pieces of Dainty Jewelry for Any Occasion


Have you ever put together an adorable outfit only to realize you have no jewelry to go with it? Shoes? Check. Pants? Got it. Top? Yup. Accessories to tie it all together? …Not so much. There is a fine line when it comes to accessorizing — your statement pieces are too bulky, but none of your other accessories are a good fit, either. So, what do you do? Cue: Dainty jewelry. IMG_1334-1024x682

dainty bracelets

1. Nordstrom Twisted Cuffs | 2. Nadri Skinny Cuff | 3. Judith Jack Hinge Bracelet

Accessorizing can be extremely complicated if you’re perfectionists like us, which is why dainty jewelry has become our go-to accessory. Not only does it add the perfect amount of glitz to an ordinary outfit, but it can also be paired with just about anything! From simple necklaces to chic bracelets, dainty jewelry is your answer to almost any fashion woe you're having.


dainty rings

1. Amarillo Tesselate Ring | 2. Judith Jack Stone Stacking Rings | 3. Forever21 Rhinestone Set


1. gorjana DIY Lagoon Chain | 2. Rebecca Minkoff Long Double Tusk Necklace | 3. Nadri Feather Necklace

dainty necklace