How Cara Santana Nails The Art Of Multitasking


Juggling two careers isn’t easy, but Cara Santana has the art of multitasking nailed down to perfection! As an actress, Co-Founder of TheGlamApp, and the creative mind behind the influential fashion blog, CaraDisclothed, it is no surprise the actress-turned-blogger has had such success within the digital world. Her experience in the entertainment industry set the foundation for her online presence, and she continues to draw readers in by providing fashion, beauty, and style advice through the eyes of Cara! IMG_3304

We couldn’t be happier that Cara has joined our growing roster of panelists for the Simply Stylist 'Do What You Love' Chicago 2016 Fashion & Beauty Conference on July 16th at the Dana Hotel! From entrepreneurship to blogging 101, we know Cara is going to spill all her secrets. In the meantime, hear more about Cara’s blogging journey below!

What inspired you to start CaraDisclothed? I wanted to have conversation about fashion and self expression with women. Part of being an actress is creating a character, and one of the first steps of that is defining who they are and what the look at. Your aesthetic is the first visual people have on a person. So naturally, what they wear and why is intrinsic to that process. I realized women were engaged in a similar way to how they get dressed and create that narrative as well for themselves on a day to day basis. I wanted to have that conversation.

How has your acting career influenced your role as a blogger? I definitely find myself creating characters to my outfits. When I am inspired to where something, what am I feeling? Who is this girl? Where would she be? Its about allowing the clothing to have a story and to try and identify with that women out there in the world.

Was it difficult to transition from being on screen to sitting behind a computer? Not really. I love creating, so the medium in which that is done doesn’t inhibit me mentally.

What is the most rewarding thing about your life as an actress AND a blogger? Identifying with people you don’t know and having that connection.

Name 3 things about CaraDisclothed that make it stand out from the rest.   Well one, there is only one me. My voice is naturally unique, because it's mine. I always say that to women wanting to create a platform for themselves - be you. There’s only one you and it's the only way to stand out. Two, I try to create a concept behind the clothing. A story, not just photos of my daily outfit. They are all characters. And three, I think the perspective of someone who travels and their lifestyle is infused with not just one element, but so many. Being an actress, having a business, as well, The Glam App, traveling around the world, I think that creates something that is different from others.


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