4 Reasons To Use An Agenda

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It's almost time to head back to school, and just because it's been a few years since you've had to head to class, doesn't mean you can't adopt some scholastic keys to success.

We're talking about planners and agendas, of course! These notebooks are heaven to any organized mind, as they let you plan out your days, weeks, and months to your heart's content. You can even customize your agendas so that they fulfill all your scheduling needs.

If you aren't sure if an agenda's right for you, here are 4 reasons why you need one in your life. Oh, and we also rounded up some of our favorites for you to shop!

1. Visualize Your Days

If you're a visual learner, being able to see your days (and weeks, and months) physically mapped out is really helpful. Most planners come with week and month views that allow you to plan out your days.

2. Remember The Important Details

Sure, you could just use a calendar app on your phone to jot down appointments and important notes, but as we discussed a few months ago, nothing helps you remember something quite like writing it down. You're agenda will serve as a backup reminder of your schedule, but if you write everything down, you're more likely to remember and won't have to refer to your phone every five seconds.

3. Snap That Awesome Insta

We'd be lying if we said we only bought agendas for practical purposes. Brands like Bando and Kate Spade absolutely crush it with their agenda designs, and the pretty covers and sassy sayings make for incredible Instagram flat lay additions!

4. Let Your Creativity Soar

While the iCalendar app is great for sending reminders and adding detailed notes, looking at a computer-generated grid is just kind of boring. Don't be afraid to color outside the lines in your agenda or add stickers or doodles. The things you mark down in your planner don't have to be limited to just appointments and reminders. You can write down ideas and use an agenda as a personal diary. The possibilities are endless.

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