5 Shoe Styles To Have In Your Workwear Rotation


Image from The Fox And She

Ahh, shoes. No outfit is complete without a killer pair, and we spend more time than is probably healthy lusting after the cutest new styles. In a perfect world we would have a magical closet full of a never-ending assortment of heels, boots, and flats, but since we don't have access to said magic closet, we have several go-to styles that we absolutely must have, and you should too!

Here are the 5 shoe styles you have to have in your workwear repertoire:

1. Open Toe Mules

When you want the slip-on convenience of your favorite slides but don't want to look like you just stepped off of a beach boardwalk, reach for a pair of mule sandals. They're great for making a minimalist footwear statement.

2. Loafers

The loafer is the quintessential footwear choice of the young professional, but with designers presenting shoes in a variety of bold colors and patterns, they're anything but boring.

3. Ankle boots

With cooler temperatures on the way, you'll be glad to have a pair of office-appropriate ankle boots. Look for pairs with low to mid heels, and try a sock boot style if you're ready to test out one of fall's biggest trends.

4. Mid-Rise heels

Heels are essential, but nobody wants to be stuck at work in uncomfortable stilettos all day long. Luckily, mid-rise and stacked heels are making a comeback. You'll still get the posture lift that high heels provide, and your feet will thank you for not tiring them out with painful high heels.

5. Ballet Flats

Another classic footwear option? The ballet flat. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with a simple pair in a neutral hue, or take your shoes up a notch with lace-up details and embellishments.

What's your go-to shoe style?