4 Tips To Help Turn Inspiration Into Action


motivational poster If you’re in need of a little motivation, you don’t need to look too far — inspiration is everywhere! Whether it is a T-shirt that encourages you to “Believe” or graffiti art that dares you to “Be Awesome,” inspiration can be found just about anywhere. Although these inspirational bits are right in front of us, we don’t always take them in as much as we should. Sure, we share quotes on Facebook, wear our “Keep Going” workout shirt at least once a week, and listen to motivating podcasts, but what is the point in doing these things if we don’t put them into action?

adelleAs a matchmaker with Three Day Rule, Adelle Gomelsky Kelleher is used to meeting with different types of people and listening to their work aspirations, daily routines, and dating troubles. Although these stories tend to be inspirational, Adelle says that many people are unhappy with their current situation but never want to do anything about it. Well, although it takes effort, YOU have the power to change your life! Check out Adelle's 4 tips to help you turn inspiration into action!

1. Be accountable. Tell your friends and family what you want to do. Be honest and tell them that you know it may be hard but it would be easier with their help and support. For example, if you want to lose those extra stubborn pounds, then tell your girlfriend that maybe a Sunday hike would help out instead of the Sunday boozy brunch that you originally had planned.

2. Make the time. Yes, you are busy, but you are the only person that has control of your schedule. Carve out the time you need, even a little. If you are unhappy with your job, then schedule time in your calendar to work on your resume (e.g., 30 minutes at night or an hour on the weekends), reach out to your professional networks, and do the actual job hunt.

3. Bring in the big guns. If you want to change something but don’t know how to do it, then you need to find someone who does! If you want to try dabbling in real estate, call a real estate agent. If you are tired of online dating apps, but are looking for a real connection then call a matchmaker! If you think it’s too much money or effort, find out a little more before you cut yourself short. A meeting with a Three Day Rule matchmaker is free and most experts in their field are willing to help out anyway they can.

4. Find inspiration, all the time! Here is where you bust out the shirts, write quotes on your mirrors, read books or blogs and pretty much anything else to keep you motivated. It’s normal to have a setback or an off day. Find your inspiration again and pick up where you left off. Schedules get busy, bread baskets are calling to you, and binging on Netflix are all easy excuses these days. Remind yourself that you are the only person that can change your situation by taking action!

I end on this note, for your own extra inspiration… you have the power to do or change anything you want, but you need to actually do something about it. If the adventure of life is to learn, then don’t hold back from being taught.