Valentine's Day: Where To Go & What To Wear


Valentine’s Day is the only holiday that can be defined as both cute and sappy. Although there’s a fine line between dressing appropriately vs. tacky on this tricky day, we must admit that it is the perfect excuse to hit the mall and purchase that cute outfit you’ve had your eye on! Whether you plan on spending the night with your closest (and single) girlfriends or hitting the town with a special someone, Valentine’s Day fashion is worth celebrating.

So, what is appropriate to wear on Valentine’s Day? You want to try a little harder than you would on a normal day, but you also don’t want to be a ‘that girl’ who represents every cliché Valentine’s Day has to offer, which is why we put together a fashion roundup to ease all of your outfit needs. From simple to sparkly and everything in between, here are Valentine’s Day inspiration pieces to help you choose the perfect ensemble for a very special night!

Where to Go: Los Arboles Hotel — Palm Springs, CA





Rich in old California hospitality traditions and boasting a selection of amenities unmatched for a 21 room boutique hotel, Los Arboles is a desert retreat from the hectic pace of everyday life. Enjoy a sun drenched desert climate, sweeping views of the surrounding mountains and feel rejuvenated and relaxed when the time comes to depart for the journey home.

Feature photo: Pursuit of Shoes