5 New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Stick To


This is the year: You’re going to lose some weight, ampoule pay off your debts, ambulance stay away from sweets, medical be nicer to your siblings, network more, minimize the amount of online purchases… are we missing anything? If you couldn’t already tell, these are probably New Year’s Resolutions you’ve made at one point or another. Ever year is the same — We spend the last week of December reflecting on everything that has happened over the past year (good and bad) and decide that January is the time to turn over a new leaf. You’re going to make a change! You spend the first few weeks of January laying down the law on your resolution, but when February rolls around, the slacking begins. By March, the word ‘Resolution’ is hardly in your vocabulary.  Lastly, you coast by until the last week of December, where it begins all over again. Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 3.42.03 PM

No need to feel badly about yourself, we all do it! The key to following this year’s resolution is to maintain the determination, motivation, and drive that initiated the change! To do so, start with choosing a New Year’s Resolution that doesn’t have ‘Abandon in Three Weeks’ stamped across the front. Here are 5 positive New Year’s Resolution for 2016 that are manageable! (And by manageable, we mean that they aren’t complete party poopers!).

1) Pay it forward. Although people usually recognize ‘paying it forward’ as donating money, there are countless ways to do so without spending a dime. Instead, try and give back in simpler ways this new year: promise to do a good deed on a weekly basis, volunteer at a local shelter, help a friend move out of her apartment on your only day off, or collect your loose change and give it to a homeless person. No matter the action, committing to a year of paying it forward is worth the effort. Before you know it, it will be a habit!

2) Spread positivity. Negativity can ruin anyone’s day. You might try to avoid it at all costs, but you will eventually come across something with negative vibes. In 2016, say good bye to the negatives! You rear ended someone on the way to work? At least you’ll be a safer driver moving forward. You got fired? This gives you the opportunity to make a much-needed career change. Flipping negative situations into positives will greatly change your outlook!

3) Make time for others. We’ve all been there — We make dinner plans 3 weeks in advance to meet with a group of old friends, but when the day rolls around, we regret it. It isn’t that we don’t want to spend time with friends and family, it’s just that we are so exhausted after a long day at work and would much rather lay on the couch and watch Netflix. Tell yourself to make more time for others this new year! Don’t worry, it is completely worth the effort and that new season of The Bachelor will still be there when you get back!

4) Save money. Sure, this New Year’s Resolution might sound cliché, but it is definitely doable. A common mistake when committing to this resolution is that people tend go too far with it, which is something that is easily avoidable. Instead of redirecting half of your pay check to your savings account, start small! Have a conversation with your bank about pulling a small percentage (like 3-5%) of your monthly income and stashing it away for later. You’ll hardly notice a difference… until realize how much you’ve collected over the course of the year!

5) Travel. This one is a lot easier than it may seem! If you start now, you can easily plan a stellar 2016 trip with friends, family, or your significant other that won’t break the bank. Planning ahead is a key element in making the most out of your travel plans, which is why you should start thinking about where you want to go now, rather than waiting for the prices to skyrocket. Bonus: You’ll have an exciting trip to look forward to!