#NoFilter: Why Authentic Content Is Best

Photo via   @wear.is.sam

Photo via @wear.is.sam

We love a good Lightroom filter and curated feed as much as the next person, but when it comes to building an engaged audience on social media, it is so important to remember that authenticity is key.

As social media has become a bigger part of our lives and audiences feel connected to the people they follow, content creators who are succeeding in the space have learned that being honest and authentic is one of the most important ways of retaining an engaged audience. There are a few different ways to ensure that you are being authentic on social media:

Get “Real”

It’s true that everything we post on social media is part of our public persona, and thus by default it is a way of curating oneself, but we can get closer to true authenticity by sharing more of the real world with followers. Lately a lot of influencers have been creating “Instagram vs. Reality” posts where they showcase the not-so-glam side of their seemingly perfect lives.

There’s nothing wrong with curating a picture-perfect world of 5-star hotels and designer clothes on Instagram, but when you acknowledge that these luxurious moments are not the norm, you become instantly more relatable to your audience.

Go Behind The Scenes

You work so hard developing amazing content for your followers. Show them all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes in order to get those killer shots! It’s totally okay to be extra with your Instagram feed, just own up to when things are embellished or dramatized to achieve the final photo.

We love how Grace Mattei showcases the amazing Photoshop skills that go into her photos, for example, or how Quigley creates BTS videos for her shoots.

Space Out Ads

One of the easiest ways to loose that sense of trust with your audience is to oversaturate your ad content. That doesn’t mean you can’t post ads at all—followers get it, you need to pay your rent!—but if you are sharing only #ad posts every day, your audience won’t know the products you genuinely love and use, without being paid to use them.

Wondering how much sponsored content you should be posting? Check out our handy guide!

Build A Community

Followers want to feel like they are part of your world when they click that “follow” button. By sharing your life through photos, videos, and stories, you are inviting your audience into your life, so make it a two way street and interract with your followers too!

There are a few ways to do this. First, respond to comments that are left on your posts! Whether it’s a simple heart or “thanks” in response to a compliment, or answering a question about where your dress is from, followers will appreciate that you took the type to respond. You can also do an “Ask Me Anything” session on your Instagram story where you answer follower questions, or have your followers pick your outfit and makeup for the day by voting in polls.

How do you create authenticity with your social media? Comment with your tips!