Creating Our Dream Rings With Bella Ponte By Ben Bridge

ben bridge 1.jpg

This post was created in partnership with Bella Ponte by Ben Bridge

Consider us magpies: we see sparkling rings and we are intrigued! Naturally, we were so thrilled to host an influencer dinner with Bella Ponte by Ben Bridge to help show off their newest collection of engagement and bridal jewelry.

Over the course of the evening, we shared the incredible Bella Ponte experience with a few of our favorite LA influencers. One of our favorite things about Bella Ponte is how they’ve combined incredible technology with classic ring craftsmanship. Each ring is completely customizable, so you can create a ring that’s just as unique as you! Using custom software, you can create a virtual design of your ring and perfect all the details to your liking.

Perhaps the coolest part of the evening was seeing these 3D ring designs come to life. Using hologram technology, Bella Ponte has made it so you can show off your ring to all your friends and family, even before it’s ready!

We had so much fun trying on different styles and testing out the innovative hologram technology, all over a delicious 3-course meal and featuring a picture-perfect LA sunset.

Check out more photos from the evening below!

Learn more about Bella Ponte by Ben Bridge here.