Blogger of the Week: Camilla Sentuti of Glamgerous


This week’s Blogger of the Week describes herself as a ‘chronic shopaholic’ — can anyone relate? We can, which is why we are thrilled to introduce you to Camilla Sentuti of Glamgerous! Camilla Sentuti’s love for fashion started at a young age when she began styling herself (and others) for her mother’s photo shoots. Since then, Camilla created Glamgerous to share her take on fashion that incorporates her romantic tendencies with a hint of danger, which is where the name ‘Glamgerous’ came about — a spin on glamorous and dangerous! Drawing from her Italian roots, Camilla publishes in English AND Italian, so it is very clear that Camilla is still under the spell of her native homeland’s sophisticated, unapologetically sexy style!

Camilla Sentuti

Need to know more? Check out her 5 must-have items below!

Over the Knee Boots: They have been around forever but they have just grown in popularity in the last 2/3 years; over-the-knee boots are totally glam and trendy and can even be worn instead of tights. My favorite ones? Stuart Weitzman's 50/50 boots!

Daniel Wellington Watch: I think this watch is perfect if you are going for an elegant-yet-casual look. I always put on a men's watch when I want to spice things up with my look. Some of my favorite men's watches are definitely those made by Daniel Wellington.

Chloe Bag: Small purses are the ones I adore the most. So, what’s gonna happen is: I will end up buying more than I should this year! Since they are going to be a very big trend this year, just think about what bag models you like the best and buy the smaller version of them that you are able to find! At the moment I'm craving for the little satchel by Chloé!

Lipstick: Nude and pink lipsticks are definitely my favorite ones at moment. I love red and dark colors as well but I literally collect every single nude shades! Don't dare me by telling me that they are all the same color!!!

ASOS Dress: I am obsessed with flower print dresses. I think they are perfect for every season, so classy and chic.