Coast to Coast Blogger Fashion


It’s no secret that styles differ across different regions, so it is time for a fashion face off! If you’ve ever had to fly across the country to visit family or friends, then you’ve probably experienced a fashion culture shock, which is the momentary realization that your clothes are one of the many things that won’t fit in. Although many of these trends start off with the same basic idea, they are modified, adapted, and altered by bloggers to fit the climate, location, and cultural differences of each fashion hub! Well, if we had to name two regions that have the most noteworthy trends, it would have to be West Coast fashion vs. East Coast fashion! The West Coast favors relaxed styles while the East Coast opts for bold and daring, but you might be surprised with some of the similarities they have. Check out below for four coast to coast blogger fashion face offs — who knows, you may find yourself dressing bi-coastal from here on out!

1. Winter Nights

West Coast WinterWest Coast: Late Afternoon

Coat: Intermix (Similar here) | Jeans: Urban Outfitters | Top: Club Monaco | Shoes: Zara (Similar Here) Bag: Maje | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters | Scarf: Stripe (Similar here)