Dressing the Part: 5 Easy Ways to Look More Put Together


Scene: You're flipping through your closet, passing hanger after hanger of clothing you once loved, thinking, "Why would I ever buy this? WHY?!" Next thing you know, you're out for a day of shopping with one goal in mind: Total. Wardrobe. Overhaul. This might seem like the answer to all your problems, but there's a harsh reality at play here: It's not always the clothes that are the problem... it's you. Sorry to be so blunt, but as fellow Boss Babes, we are all too familiar with the perils that come with that unshakeable desire to look your very best at all times. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this; looking amazing is a great way to help you feel confident in all that you do personally and professionally. Instead of letting this drive you to desperate measures (i.e. blowing an entire paycheck to "fix" your closet woes), start using these 5 tips to help you look more put together! Dressing is about to be your favorite thing! 4ded1ae549ebcaa7e46a22852023c104

1. Define Your Look

Picking an aesthetic may seem like a huge undertaking and you know what? It is. Lucky for you, the blogger phenomenon not only means a backlog of food shots to regram, but also endless outfit inspo at your fingertips! Decide what you like and refer to some fashion blogs for ideas on how to incorporate your favorite details into your wardrobe. Create an aesthetic that speaks to you, one that tells a story about where you've been and more importantly, where you're going. Once you've set these guidelines for yourself, you'll have an easier time adding in pieces that work well with everything you've got.

2. Plan Ahead

Time to channel your 7th grade self and start laying out your clothes at night. Mornings can be hectic, so why not streamline one of your many tasks? Laying out your clothes is an easy way to make sure it all "works" before the morning comes and you only have 15 minutes left before you have to leave the house. This will also save you from countless Cher Horowitz meltdowns, while trying to locate your most capable looking outfit...which is probably at the cleaners.

3. Get a Steamer

This one is a game changer! Ever walked through a showroom and noticed that there's pretty much always someone taking a steamer to the clothes? That's because steaming keeps garments in like-new condition for longer. If your clothes are looking a little dull or lifeless, there's a good chance that a quick steam could turn that right around! Of course, you may not always want to look too pressed and proper, but a once-over with a steamer is good for more than just releasing wrinkles. Steam can refresh clothing, help to remove stubborn stains or odors and even restore a fit that's been lost after wear.

4. Invest in timeless pieces, not trendy ones

Trends can be great fun, but by their very nature, they're temporary. Don't spend too much of your hard earned money on pieces that will be "out" before the season turns. Instead, save on those and only splurge on items you can see yourself wearing well into the future. If a garment is going to last as a staple in your wardrobe, it needs to be good quality. Genuine leather handbags, classic shirts and quality pumps all qualify! Crazy prints and details that channel a sense of novelty? Not so much...

5. Dress for you, not what you think others will like

Orson Welles says it best: "Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn." DO YOU.