Workouts You Can Actually Do Before Work


Fact: waking up early to work out is a drag. If it weren't, alarm clocks around the globe would be snoozed a whole lot less. With all the articles out there citing the benefits of working out in the morning, we're begrudgingly taking heed. Breaking a sweat before the sun rises isn't the easiest thing to get psyched about, not to mention that there are some workouts that simply can't be done in the morning before heading off to work-- contrary to the popular Beyonce-ism, we did not wake up like this and adding a workout into the mix poses a whole new set of challenges to our already packed morning routine.

If you know us at all, then you know we wouldn't just stir up all these thoughts in your pretty little head and then leave you hanging. We've taken the liberty of compiling a list of tested workouts, to help you get realistic about pumping iron in the morning. Read on for our favorite morning workouts that you can actually do before work!


1. Pilates

If you think pilates is easy because most of it is done laying down, you are sadly mistaken! This workout helps to create the long, lean physique that looks great in clothes and even better naked! Advantage? Pilates doesn't typically employ any crazy cardio, so you're less likely to leave the studio with sweat soaked hair.

2. Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide

Have you seen the #KaylasArmy transformation pics on Instagram? If not, then you need to look ASAP! They're amazing! Aussie fitness guru Kayla Itsines developed the Bikini Body Guide, an e-book that helps women target the 3 biggest concerns she heard in her years as a fitness instructor: thinner thighs, flatter tummies and more sculpted arms. The best part about these workouts is that they can largely be done at home and they are only 32 minutes long! --SCORE!

3. Barre Classes

Prima ballerinas aren't the only ones benefitting from the intricate movements of ballet. Barre classes are a new fitness trend that have garnered a lot of attention for the ballet dancer type body that results from long term subscription to the workouts. They help you get stronger with smaller movements, target more muscle groups at once and improve your mind-body connection. Traditional barre classes aren't cardio based, so you'll sweat less while still getting a great workout--great for those who's hair requires hours of care after super sweaty workouts!

4. Running

Get a dose of fresh air with a morning run. Many rely on the methodical motion of running to help ease the mind and relieve stress. Sounds perfect for the early morning hours, before you start your day! Added bonus: if you've got a four-legged furry friend, they can accompany you on your morning run/walk. Check two chores off your list, all while burning cals and getting in the zone for your day.

5. Yoga

Yoga is a relaxing practice that, among other things, helps you become one with your body and the way it moves. With the guidance of a certified instructor, you'll be able to identify stressors, how your body responds to them and work through them mindfully. Just because yoga isn't a calorie torching workout, doesn't mean it isn't worthwhile. This type of conscious stretching and moving can help you in other athletic endeavors.