Start-Up Spotlight: Thrive Market


For some reason, there are always so many obstacles when it comes to maintaining a healthy eating plan. For one thing, eating out is so easy. It's not always the most health conscious or budget friendly choice, but when work is crazy and you barely have a moment to get away from your desk all day, it's so nice having one less thing to think about. On the other hand, that weekly pilgrimage to the supermarket can be a major hassle (read: ain't nobody got time for that). Even when you can actually find the time to grocery shop, the healthiest options are priced way too high. So, what's a busy gal to do? Fear not! There's a solution and it's way more simple than you might think.


It's time for everyone to get onboard with our current obsession: Thrive Market. It's a health food co-op reminiscent website that gives members access to healthy and nutritious foods at a much lower price point. All you do is sign up for a membership, which costs $59.95 per year. That membership gives you access to the entire online market, which houses over 4,000 items from 400 of your favorite health brands. On top of this, members enjoy 25-50% savings on the items, as compared to buying them in your run-of-the-mill health food store. Yes, you read that correctly! So now, you can online shop for your favorite healthy non-perishables, the same exact way you'd shop for the season's closet must-haves.

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Besides being insanely convenient and a huge money saver, Thrive donates a membership to an underprivileged family for every membership they sell. In doing this, the company hopes to further their mission of making natural, healthy food accessible to everyone and not just those who can afford to pay the steep premium associated with top quality groceries.

Are you as Impressed with Thrive Market as we are? You can sign up here and you'll instantly receive 2 months free membership + 25% off your first purchase! Go forth and THRIVE, boss babes!