Getting Rejuvenated For Summer At The Eden Roc Spa


Is there anything more relaxing than a spa day? We think not! It's the best way to destress and have that little "treat yo'self" moment. We cannot wait to head to the gorgeous Eden Roc Miami Beach Resort soon for our first ever Simply Pop-Up with Coppertone, and we are so excited for an afternoon of fun in the sun and some major pampering! If you want to join us there on May 13th, click HERE to find out how. To get ready for our Miami weekend, we're interviewing the director of the Nobu Eden Roc Spa. She's telling us all about the spa's most popular services, the beauty treatment you need to try for summer, and more! Keep scrolling to hear all her health & beauty tips:


SS: Tell us a little bit about the Eden Roc spa. Holistic wellness is key to the Nobu Eden Roc experience. By indulging the mind and empowering our guests’ inner selves, the spa and fitness center inspires personalized renewal. Using only the finest products from ESPA- pioneers in the science of natural beauty using a potent collection of radically effective formulations. With the hydrotherapy circuit with whirlpools, plunge pools, saunas, and hydro-experience showers, it delivers endless opportunities for relaxation. Post treatment, the relaxing Spa Terrace offers panoramic views of the open water. A boutique hair and nail salon, expertly curated retail and gift shop, and state-of-the-art fitness center are also available to assist in the final steps of your journey.

SS: What are some of your signature spa treatments that guests love? The Nagomi Ritual is the most popular Nobu signature treatment. This 105-minute journey was specifically designed to increase relaxation and energy flow. This ritual begins with a foot massage, full body exfoliation, and massage with poultice stamps that are handmade in the spa with Florida-inspired scents and herbs. It also includes a mini facial, scalp massage with a hair mask, and Japanese-inspired foot ritual. Guests are virtually transformed as they sit and bask while enjoying a tea specifically curated to enhance the customized oils chosen for their treatment.

SS: Why are spa treatments so beneficial, and how often should someone get a facial or massage to reap the full benefits? Spa treatments not only are important for the visual aspects, but more importantly for balancing your mind and spirit. It has been proven that we are more productive and happier when we are in a balanced state. Holding on to pain and stress from our daily lives can take a toll on our health and bodies. Frequent spa treatments help us find balance and peace.

SS: What’s a great spa treatment to get ready for summer? A great spa treatment for the summer is a body exfoliation! A body exfoliation that utilizes salts or fruit extracts will help remove dead skin cells. Sloughing off the skin cells help with a healthier and longer lasting tan!

SS: Do you have any summer beauty and wellness tips? We all love summer months because of the sun kissed glow it gives us. There's many ways to achieve this without the exposure to harmful rays. Less is best: invest in a tinted moisturizer, lightly frosted lip gloss in coral or pink, and a bronzer that you can sweep over your cheeks and shoulders.

SS: Any advice for keeping skin safe in the sun? Re-apply, re-apply, re-apply! I can't say it enough. Most people are so diligent on lathering up the first layer of sunscreen before heading out to the beach or pool, but not so diligent with re-applying. The cool down dips in and out of the water break down the formulation of the sunblock. It is so important to ensure you are re-applying 3-4 times when out enjoying the summer sunshine.

Ready to check out the Eden Roc Spa and our exciting Miami Pop-Up? Click HERE to find out how you can attend!