Blogger of the Week: Caitlyn Chase of Caviar & Cashmere


This week's Blogger of the Week is Caitlyn Chase, whose blog Caviar & Cashmere is a celebration of all things luxurious. An LA girl through and through, she loves to discuss everything from travel to fashion, all with a focus on elegance and luxury.We love Caitlyn's eye for the finer things in life, as well as her entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to her blog, Caitlyn also has her own accessory and jewelry line. Get that side hustle on, girl!

Caitlyn is sharing some of her favorite beauty products below, as well as why she can't get enough of these items.

Caitlyn is a lover of all things luxury, so see her 5 current beauty favorites:

1. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Known as ”The Hollywood 2-minute facial,” ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment lets you reveal a glowing, fresh-from-the-clinic complexion. Somerville’s bestselling exfoliator is formulated with face scrubbing natural exfoliants to deep clean clogged pores without over-drying skin. Lactic acid and fruit enzymes—papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin—reveal smooth skin and a brighter, healthier-looking complexion in as little as one use. I use this treatment once a week, and ever since I started, my skin has never looked so bright and refreshed.

2. BioDerma Sensibio H2O Makeup artists and models have long depended on micellar water, a gentle, watery cleanser that both removes makeup and washes away oil without rinsing. Micelles are like little magnets that pull dirt and oil from your pores; all you need is a few swipes with a cotton pad for skin that looks and feels fresh and clean. Once available only in European drugstores, these “waters” are now stocked stateside. I love BioDerma’s Sensibio H20.

3. T3 Convertible Collection I’ve tried my fair share of hot tools, and this is by far the most useful. The T3 Convertible features stylish white and rose gold detailing, which looks super chic on your countertop. This new collection introduces 5 interchangeable barrels to offer infinite styling options. It elevates your creativity; 5 different wands allow you to create your ideal beachy wave or loose curl look.

4. Marula Oil Rare Oil Treatment So, my hair decided to recently go from perpetually straight and sleek to a more, let’s say, frizzy texture. Thankfully, I discovered Marula Oil in the nick of time. It's cold pressed and packed with powerful antioxidants and replenishing oleic acids for instant hydration, taming and softness.

5. Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban My hair changed forever the moment I discovered Aquis hair turbans. Aquis has reimagined the way we dry our hair. They discovered that old methods of rubbing your body towel all over your delicate hair while wet can cause damage and frizz. They’re new technology makes for a better, faster hair drying experience. It also helps that the turbans are super cute, light, and perfect to wear while applying makeup.