How to Embrace the Good Kind of Krazy


Arlene Guerra is a Fashion Stylist & Fashion-preneur who knows the importance of establishing an on-point online presence. Since most clients/customers will look at your social media account before they even decide if they want to hire you, you need to learn how to style your brand, and Arlene is an expert in this category. Keep reading to learn Arlene's tips on leveling up, standing out, and embracing your unique Krazy! Embrace Your Krazy... I mean the good Krazy, not the flip out kind of of Krazy. This kind of Krazy that starts with a K because it makes you unique, it sets you apart from a sea of fashion bland.  The kind that says it is time to try something new!


It is so easy to fall into the trap of doing what everyone else is doing — Sometimes we do not even realize we are doing it. Have you experienced this gut wrenching feeling?  I know I fell into this category when I was first trying to figure out my brand. Trying to do what I thought my audience would want without factoring in my natural tendency to embrace Krazy color.

When I looked at my brand colors, I could not quite figure out why I was not feeling excited. Then it happened, a light bulb moment… I saw a picture of a Gucci dress with all these outrageous colors and, as usual, I fell in love instantly. If you are wondering which dress it was, check out my site color scheme and Gucci runway Spring 2016. I had to ask myself, why was I ignoring the Krazy colors that instantly make me happy?

It was my inner critic that was trying to point me in the wrong direction.  That voice that says you are Krazy, no one will get it or understand you. In my mind, I acknowledged the doubt but recognized that this was a red flag and you might be onto something amazing, something Krazy good.  Krazy can have such a negative connotation, but with the saturated market and all the noise these days, your kind of Krazy will make you stand out from the crowd.

You are uniquely you! It sounds a little cheesy and simple, but in all transparency it is the only way to get noticed. Here are 3 simple tips for when you start to feel the urge to fit in:

1. Your Happy Place: Find your happy place because when you are happy, you will be more creative, productive and just more of an overall style boss.

2. Not Your Tribe: Do not get discouraged if people do not get it. Not everyone is going to like you or your branding. This is a tough fact of life because I am a people-pleaser, too. However, it does not matter because the people that do not get you are not going to stick around anyways.

 3. Your Krazy: Your excitement and passion for what you are doing will translate into your brand. That is why it is so important to work on your distinct point of view. Use your authentic voice. Do not be afraid to be critiqued and edited. It is not going to be perfect and it is the only way to grow.

Realize that you are not alone! This is one of the most challenging things for a #GirlBoss right now but, it is also the easiest way to brand yourself.  All this talk about being yourself is about niching and finding the sweet spot where your passion and the needs of the market meet.

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