Finding Balance In Your Health AND Beauty Routines With Hair Food


This post was done in collaboration with Hair Food.

With a little determination & dedication, anyone can develop a healthy lifestyle. Once you create—and stick with—a workout routine and commit yourself to eating a healthy, balanced diet, you feel energized and unstoppable. But staying conscious of healthy beauty purchases is a little trickier.


Developing and maintaining a healthy beauty routine takes some work, but luckily we have one product line to help out!

Hair Food is the equivalent of a tall glass of water for your strands; simple, hydrating, and nourishing. With its new Color Protect Collection, Hair Food's shampoo and conditioner will provide the moisture and vitality that your follicles need to grow and battle the elements, whether that's harsh weather conditions or intense hair treatment. The best part? The Hair Food formula is sulfate free, giving your head a gentle cleanse and leaving hair feeling healthy and nourished. After using the Color Protect collection, hair has a luxurious shine and feels healthier.


But what's the big deal with sulfates? Sulfates are commonly added to cleaning products to create that commercial-glorified foaming action that makes you feel like you're really sticking it to those germs. Although effective in grease elimination, some people find that products with sulfates can strip away hair’s natural oils. And while other brands offer sulfate-free hair products, they often lack a lathering component. With Hair Food, their sulfate-free products are designed to deliver a rich lather comparable to your everyday shampoos.

That’s why Hair Food is such a great alternative. It's appropriately named, too! In your pursuit of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, you've already committed to your gym routine, your daily assortment of organic produce, and your steady intake of good ol' H2O. Now all that's left is incorporating healthy beauty products like Hair Food into your daily life.


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