How Mariale Marrero Used YouTube To Conquer Her Fear Of Public Speaking


Mariale Marerro, aka Mar, is the Venezuelan YouTube sensation who steadily gained an international following of more than 7.3 million subscribers across her three YouTube channels and more than 10 million total across social media, since 2010. Through her various channels Mariale breaks down makeup trends, giving her followers fun and flawless makeup advice in both English and her native Spanish, allowing Mariale to connect directly with a larger, global audience. Her bubbly personality shines in her colorful and animated makeup tutorials, and resonates even further on her personal, lifestyle Vlog "MarSinPatuque" which translates to “Mar Without Makeup” in Venezuelan slang. In the time since Mar began her first channel, she and her following have grown beyond her wildest dreams. From starting her videos in 2010, Mariale has since graduated with a B.S. in Biology from Venezuala’s prestigious Universidad Simón Bolívar University, married her longtime love, moved to the USA, and settled in West Los Angeles, where she continues to grow her business and brand faster than ever, recently designing and releasing of her very own lip kits!

On the heels of the lip kit announcement we caught up with Mariale to chat about her rise to success, her thoughts on the latest beauty trends, and of course, her lip kits! And, because it’s Mar, our conversation was quickly bursting with infectious passion for all things makeup, moving into talks about the beauty industry as a whole and her projections for the biggest beauty trends that will be hitting our stages during the July 15 #SimplyLA Conference, where she’ll be on our “Staying On Trend With Makeup” panel! You can get your tickets HERE!

Scroll down to read through our conversation and learn a little bit more about Mariale.


SS: What made you first want to start your YouTube channel? When I was in college I was terrified of public speaking! I was really worried because I knew when I graduated I would have to stand in front on a bunch of people to present my thesis, so I knew I had to improve. I thought maybe talking to a camera would help out with that. So I decided to talk about something I loved: makeup. I was very excited because there weren't a lot of makeup tutorials being posted in Spanish when I got started, so I was really looking forward to connecting with people with similar interests and sharing our tips and tricks. From the start, I was so blown away when people from all over the world started watching my videos and commenting!

SS: How has your following grown over the years, and what advice would you have for aspiring beauty vloggers looking to grow their audience? My following definitely grew very slowly at first, but I didn't care at all. I kept posting videos because I genuinely love creating content so much and interacting with my audience. I feel that is so important; really love what you do no matter what it is because people can absolutely pick up on that.

SS: You’ve just launched a set of lip kits; congrats! Tell us about the process of creating this product. Creating my lip kits was so much fun! I really took my time because I wanted to do something that was unique and really true to who I am. I also wanted to make sure I had the right partners that could help me deliver the best product at the most affordable price. I’m so proud to say we accomplished everything we wanted, creating an absolutely beautiful, unique and affordable product. I’m so proud!

SS: What is your everyday makeup routine? It's funny because I don't really wear makeup everyday. I mostly focus on skincare and make sure to never leave the house without sunscreen.... I don't care how crazy I look!

SS: What is the summer beauty trend that everyone will be trying? I really think bright lip colors are something we are going to see a lot. Think bright orange and pink, very similar to Bom Bom, from my lip kit collection. Bright colors, especially when combined with beautiful dewy skin, make for such a beautiful and fresh look!

SS: What’s the weirdest beauty product or makeup technique you’ve ever tried? Oh wow.... so many! But I definitely think applying makeup with a condom. You can see from the beginning of my video I was not very convinced with that technique...And I was right because my makeup looked terrible!

Check out Mariale's beauty videos here, and don't forget your #SimplyLA tickets!