6 Platforms To Apply For Influencer Campaigns

Image via    @rachelleea

Image via @rachelleea

These days, you don’t need hundreds of thousands of followers and formal management to start making money on social media campaigns. There are dozens of influencer platforms out there that help micro-influencers start monetizing their content. Here are few you should check out if you are ready to start monetizing:

ACTIVATE by Bloglovin’

ACTIVATE enables influencers to connect their social accounts building a professional media kit. Influencers can share this media kit with press and brands. ACTIVATE allows influencers to choose their own collaborations. They bring the most relevant partnership opportunities to the influencer based on their content, audience, and past experience with brands. Gucci, Post, New Balance, OPI and Shutterfly are just a few of the major brands using ACTIVATE to find influencers.


AspireIQ gives influencers the opportunity to browse through hundreds of brands. It also connects influencers directly with marketers, so they can build a relationship on their own terms. AspireIQ enables influencers to get paid directly to their PayPal right after they complete their content or post. A few of the major brands using AspireIQ are Hello Fresh, L’Oreal Paris, T Mobile and Grubhub.


Brandsnob is an influencer marketing platform focused on helping Instagram influencers. So if you are an influential Instagrammer, this is the platform for you. Brandsnob is focused on connecting influencers with the hottest fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. MAC, TOMS, ASOS and Women’s Best are just a few of the leading brands using Brandsnob.

The Cirqle

The Cirqle gives influencers the tools to see how their content is doing and what content is driving sales. The Cirqle is also the only influencer marketing platform that can tie engagement to sales. Samsung, Jimmy Choo, ING and Heineken are just a few of the major brands using The Cirqle to find influencers for their next campaign.


Fohr provides influencers with demographic information about who is following them. Fohr lets influencer share which brands they have worked with, their collaborations and where you’ve been mentioned. Influencers are able to download their Fohr profile with images, press and brand links, and full stats to a PDF to send along to brands.


IZEA’s goal is for influencers to be able to monetize their content, creativity, and influence. IZEA posts helpful article about relevant topics in the social media influencer industry. Target, Whole Foods, Levi’s and Burt’s Bees are just a few of the major brands using IZEA to find the perfect influencers for their campaigns.

What influencer platforms do you use to make money on your social media? Comment below!