Shani Darden’s Tips For Preventing Sun Damage This Summer

All photos by Michael Clifford

All photos by Michael Clifford

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If you aren't familiar with Shani Darden, Hollywood's favorite esthetician, do yourself a favor and correct that immediately. Darden has gained a massive following on Instagram dolling out skincare advice to her fans with honesty and expertise. Her dedication to simple and effective skincare solutions and knowledge of a large number of different skin conditions has won over celebrity fans like Jessica Alba, Shay Mitchell and Emmy Rossum in the process. Safe to say, Darden has quickly become one of our go-to resources for the latest skincare advice, and plenty of others feel the same way.

After years of growing her client base, Darden launched an eponymous skincare line in 2013 that includes five essential skincare products. The latest milestone for Darden's career, however, is a brand new studio that opened earlier this month.

A gorgeous space in Beverly Hills, the studio features three treatment rooms and was designed by Jake Arnold with chic neutrals and natural materials to evoke a sense of tranquility in visitors.

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Shani Darden Studio - Spa Room.jpg

At the studio, visitors can choose from several facials, each one customizable to their specific needs. "The Custom" for example is a sixty-minute facial "designed to deliver a radiant and healthy glow" that also addresses an individual's personal skin concerns. Or, if you love clean beauty products (or just want to feel like Jessica Alba) "The Honest Facial" uses all Honest Beauty products and was specifically designed for Alba herself!

For those of you who aren't in Los Angeles to experience Darden's new space right away, have no fear, because she is ready to share some of her top skincare advice right here! The number one leading cause of most skin concerns is sun damage, so as the summer sun gets brighter in the sky, we asked Darden to dispense some of her signature knowledge on how to prevent sun damage this season:

SIMPLY: Are any of the services offered at your new studio good for sun damage prevention or summer skin?

SHANI DARDEN, Expert Esthetician: My treatments include a light peel that I created, which can help with hyper-pigmentation as a result of sun damage. 

SIMPLY: Can you please share your top tips for sun damage prevention?

SD: The best prevention for sun damage is to wear sunscreen every single day and stay out of the sun. If you are out in the sun, it’s important to reapply sunscreen every two hours. I like to wear a wide brimmed hat and a big pair of sunglasses when I’m outside or even driving in my car to keep myself protected!

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