5 Ways To Snag The Internship Of Your Dreams

Photo Credit: @   kikki.k

Photo Credit: @kikki.k

Summer is just around the corner, which means many of you may be searching for that coveted summer internship! Internships are an important part of getting your foot in the door in the fashion industry, and they're a great way to build valuable relationships, learn new skills, and figure out what part of the industry you do—and do not—want to work in.

If you're gearing up to start applying for summer internships soon, here are our 5 tips for getting the internship of your dreams:

1. Do Your Research

Research, research, research! We can't explain how important this is. Research the company you want to intern for. Get to know everything about that company. Whats their working environment like? Are they more corporate or business casual? Write down questions you might have for them, things you that caught your eye, that you found interesting, etc. Look for open internships positions. Some companies even have their own career pages where you can see what job/internship openings they have. If you get an interview with that company you want to be prepared as possible.


2. Prep Your Resume

You resumes are crucial! Double and triple check them. There are so many websites that will help you create your resume, build, format, edit and read over it. They have experts on resumes and will personally read and give you feed yours. A few of our favorites are: Resume.com, Resume Now, Live Career, and there are still so much more out there!

As for portfolios (if you have one), have your best work ready to show off! Keep it simple and pleasing to the eye. Showcase your work but don't make it crazy. Companies want to be able to look at your portfolio and see what that is on page 5 and be able to understand it. Too complicated can confuse some people.


3. Dress The Part

This goes back to the research you found on the company. Are they business casual, are they a more corporate environment, or even just casual everyday? These are things to take into consideration when finding your perfect interview outfit. Wearing a suit may work well for a corporate office, but won't read well at a creative company where they want to see more of your personal style.

For interviews in the fashion & beauty space, we recommend a chic midi dress, or a fun top and pants paired with mules. Wearing one statement accessory will also help you stand out from the crowd. 


4. Be Professional

You only have one chance to make a stellar first impression, so if you're asked in for an in-person interview, be sure to nail it by always erring on the side of professionalism! 

Give yourself plenty of time so that you arrive for your interview at least 5 minutes early (you know what they say: 5 minutes early is on time, and on time is late!). Practice your handshake and maintaining strong eye contact, too.

Following the interview, send a follow-up email to thank the interviewer; it's a little touch that can make a huge difference and make you stand out among a crowded pool of applicants. 


5. Get Connected

Your profile is so important now days on LinkedIn! Companies, bosses, and CEO's are always posting jobs, searching for employees, etc. Message people, leave an impression, and make relationships! This can make you memorable to future employers. Put key words in your profile. When employers search on LinkedIn profiles can pop with with certain key words. Make yours stand out from everyone else.

P.S. SIMPLY is always looking for interns, so if you think you got what it takes, you can contact us here!


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