Meet the Stylist: Ali Levine


Ali studied at Northern Arizona University and FIT, and has a vast knowledge of fashion, design, advertising and designer connections on both coasts! Ali has worked in retail, corporate design; for Coach, Fragments, and studied overseas in London and Italy. Her expertise and wide range of knowledge in the industry is what separates her as a stylist. Ali is extremely versatile in her fashion when it comes to styling clients, editorials and more. She has clients on both coasts and is constantly known for dialing up their look! Being a New Yorker, now living in LA, she makes her own fashion statements known. Ali's motto, " Life's a party, dress accordingly"!

Simply Stylist is excited to introduce you to Ali! Get to know Ali and some of her experience in the industry in our interview below!

SS: What is the story behind your favorite wardrobe item?

Ali: Wow, this is a hard one! I don't really have one favorite wardrobe item! I think one of my stronger obsessions is shoes. (Guilty!) Currently, my bright coral peep toe, Christian Dior. I landed them on sale at Bloomies and have fallen in love! They truly add and dial up any look! After that would be jewelry; I'm a huge fan of accessorizing and would like to think I have an eclectic yet modern style. I love to wear my grandma's vintage chains to add just the right amount of vintage and classiness to my look.

SS: What is your most memorable 'panic moment'?

Ali: I styled my client for a high-profile red carpet event, and her dress tore on the side right before hitting the red carpet. Cameras were already out. I had to run in front of the cameras to block the shots and fix her dress.

SS: How did you recover from it gracefully?

Ali: In the styling world, you have no choice but to make what you have work and solve the problem! There wasn't another dress - that was it! That's a true fashion emergency, as I call them! I had to quickly put a basic stitch in the dress and used top stick to pull the look back together and nobody noticed :)! After all the craziness, I took it to be professionally sewn before taking back to the designer.

SS: What is your favorite fashion era?

Ali: I love the feel of Old Hollywood. The classic gowns, the over-the-top long gloves and details. I adore long dresses and airy luxurious fabrics. I think that's why I like to wear my maxi dresses so much and, 9 out of 10 times, you'll catch me wearing one on set or off ;) !

SS: What was your big break?

Ali: My big break? Hmm, I don't believe I've had it yet! I've had the opportunity to style some amazing celebrities for press junkets, photo shoots, editorials - Esquire, UnAllied magazine, and (recently) GQ India -, to red carpets, print work, and much more! Jesse McCartney, Joey King, Katee Sackoff, James Maslow, Sam Larsen, Perez Hilton himself, Onna Chaplin, Brian Banks, (NFL) Brittney Palmer... I've also had my fashion tips featured for Giulanna Rancic's site Fab Fit Fun, Tyra Banks Type F,, and others.

The most exciting feature thus far was in the NY Times for my business and fashion tips. That was such a thrilling and fabulous moment! I remember the phone call vividly, and I had to ask twice who was calling me, because I was in disbelief! Then, when the article was published, seeing my tips and picture of myself on the business page in black and white, was beyond amazing! However, I like to keep my goals high and think extremely big-and-jaw-dropping when it comes to fashion & styling. I would like to think my biggest break is yet to come!

SS: Whose closet would you love to raid?

Ali: I'm always revamping myself and my style, but classic and chic is always a constant for me. Olivia Palermo, hands down. She is so classy and chic, which is my ideal mix of styles for a day look. However, when I am feeling a bit more edgy and fashion-forward on my nights out, I would love to raid Zoe Saldana's closet! Talk about fierce and fun.

SS: Who are your favorite designers?

Ali: Valentino is a classic for me and always will be, along with the gorge Christian Dior. I can't get enough of their beautiful designs and classic lines in their garments! I'm currently having a favorite shoe moment with Giuseppe Zanotti - especially for a fierce wedge & pop of color! For my every day wardrobe, I am really loving my rich & skinny and rag & bone jeans, Halston Heritage and Vince Camuto maxi dresses, Michael Kors for blouses and shoes, and for a great casual-yet-chic thrown on type of top, Thread For Thought!! I also love discovering new Indie designers! They can be so inspiring!


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