Melanie Pace Teaches Us How To Accessorize For Summer

Melanie is wearing  an Urban Outfitters top and purse, Zara skirt, Billabong hat,  Jimmy Choo sunglasses ,  Gucci sneakers , and assorted jewelry

Melanie is wearing an Urban Outfitters top and purse, Zara skirt, Billabong hat, Jimmy Choo sunglasses, Gucci sneakers, and assorted jewelry

We love to have fun with our outfits, and the easiest way to do that is through accessorizing! Throwing on a fun hat or slipping on a pair of unique shoes can take an outfit from good to great. 

Of course, accessorizing can be a daunting task, which is why we asked style expert Melanie Pace to share her guide to styling accessories for the summer and give us a little outfit inspiration, too! Keep scrolling to hear what Melanie has to say.

SIMPLY: Tell us a little bit about you and how you got into the world of fashion!

MELANIE PACE: I played softball my entire life even in college and grew up very conservative. Fashion was not on the forefront of either one of these endeavors in my life, but I figured out how to make them work. My nickname was Barbie on my team, and I also figured out how to look cute on a very serious fashion budget at home. Kmart never looked so good!

After studying fashion merchandizing in college, I landed a retail job at Anthropologie in my home town, and from there met a few athlete's wives who wanted me to shop and style them for events outside of the store. From there it was all word of mouth, and at the time there were only a few people doing what I wanted to do.

From there, I worked a few part-time jobs putting myself in front of people who would want a service like a personal shopper, and over the past 12 years my hobby has flourished into a fashion business. I now personal shop for about 20 people, style commercials, athletes, celebrities, everyday people, and have a blog that contributes to my income. I also work for Fox News where I do a segment about once a month on fashion and style.

I have recently been doing a lot of public speaking and giving presentations on How to Dress for Success in the workplace and for your age, and I give my time to charities while emceeing their events. My favorite part about my job is being able to give back and help others feel better and look better. 

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How do you approach accessorizing an outfit?

I usually start with what I call my basics: the items that mean something to me and go with every outfit. I have a few bracelets, 3 rings, and a necklace I wear all the time because they were gifts from my boyfriend, my best friends and my family.

From there, I layer. The trend of the outfit matters when choosing what kinds of accessories will go along with your overall vision. I usually tend to wear more than less when it comes to accessories. I am never one to leave the house with less than 6 or 7 items of some kind on me. 

What accessory trends are you loving for summer?

I love the transparent trend, basket weave bags, and anything embroidered or beaded! Gold hoops and layering a million gold bracelets have been MUSTS in my wardrobe for years so when I see it as a top trend it makes me so happy! Mini bags are also my jam. Being 5 foot tall, I feel like they were just made for me. SNEAKERS are also here to stay forever and ever in my wardrobe. Being a stylist, this trend has always been my life saver. 

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Are there any trends that you are so over?

I could really do without tassel earrings right now, and even though chunky sneakers are a hot trend, I just want them to stop. Maybe it's because I have big feet and I'm being a hater, but I find them to be very unattractive. Don't let me forget: small sunglasses. I tried once, but I am definitely not buying for my clients. 

When should you splurge on an accessory, and when should you save? 

Splurge on classics and save on trends. Unless it is a trend you absolutely love and can think of more than 10 ways to wear it—then go ahead. Also, splurging on a few pieces of real gold for layering is a great add to your accessory wardrobe. 

Fashion should be fun, it should make you smile, and should make you feel like a million bucks without having to spend a million bucks. Find the key items that every style expert tells you buy and build a wardrobe from there.

Accessorizing is the cherry on top to every outfit! It's a fun way to express yourself. If you're afraid to accessorize, just remember to take a risk. You don't have to match your bag perfectly or have a simple black shoe to go with everything. What really makes you look put-together is mixing it all up! For the sake of fashion PUT ON ANOTHER BRACELET! I promise you won't be upset when you do!

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