4 Steps to Your Best #OOTD Photo

Photo Credit:  @belleandbunty

Photo Credit: @belleandbunty

Fun fact: June 30th is National #OOTD Day! Are you prepared to take your best photo to celebrate?

Even the best of fashion bloggers can struggle with striking the right pose for their photo, which is why we broke down the essential elements of the perfect #OOTD snap! Check out our guide below and get ready to pose!


Lighting is everything! Natural light is the best for taking photos, specifically the “golden hour” (right after sunrise or right before sunset, when the light is tinted and soft).

However, if you can’t get outside, an easy way to fake it is by using a snap-on light for your phone. Especially if you're a beauty blogger or taking a cute selfie, this is the easiest way to fake gorgeous studio lighting.

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Firstly, make sure your background is clear. Mirror selfies can be a way to show off your outfit, but don't make the classic mistake of showing a dirty mirror or messy bedroom.

If you are outside, have whoever is taking the picture double check to make sure there’s not a pole coming out of your head or any accidental photobombers. If you really want your outfit to shine, try choosing a cool textured wall or mural to pose against. 


It’s all about knowing your angles! It may sound silly, but practice in front of a mirror at home so you can get familiar with your most flattering poses.

We also recommend snapping way more photos than usual. Loosen up, try out a few poses, walk around, and enjoy yourself! Sometimes the best photos are those candid, in-between-poses shots. 

A few more posing pointers:

  • Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth to slim your face and create a more natural smile
  • Pay attention to your posture and stand up straight!
  • Turn your body at a slight angle so you aren't facing the camera straight-on


If you’re having someone else take the picture, try taking a picture for them first to show exactly the look you’re going for. Check between shots and give feedback—you won't get the picture you want if you don't communicate what you're looking for!

If you’re solo, don’t be afraid to use the self timer on your phone, or break out the selfie stick.

No matter who is taking the picture, make sure that you take as many pictures as possible, so that you have the best options to choose from. This way, you can experiment with multiple poses! 

Finally: if you’re not feeling yourself, but your outfit is amazing, flat lays are super trendy right now! Just arrange your favorite clothing and accessories on a cute background (like a blanket) and snap away!