Nail Your Job Interview with This SteamOne Essential


So, it’s time for the big interview. You spent all last week searching Nordstrom for the perfect dress, made your purchase, and patiently waited for it to arrive in the mail only to find out it has fold lines that have no intention of disappearing. Now what? SteamOne to the rescue! For those of you who had the opportunity to test out a SteamOne steamer at the Simply Stylist ‘Do What You Love’ Chicago 2016 Fashion & Beauty Conference, then you know exactly what we are talking about. For those of you who missed out — just wait! IMG_9620new-1024x1024

Photo credit: Lindsay Albanese

You might be wondering why there is so much hype about a steamer, but these aren’t just any steamers. When Olivier and David Gabison realized there was a need in the fashion industry for high quality garment steamers, SteamOne was born. Their steamers offer a no-drip, continuous steam-flow, and all-fabric steaming experience that is powerful enough for denim, but gentle on delicate fabrics. Today, SteamOne is available in 8 European countries and North America, and is taking the fashion industry by a storm with their commitment to excellence. In fact, #SimplyStylistCHI panelist Lindsay Albanese claims her SteamOne steamer is the ‘Birkin’ of steamers!

If you’ve never used a steamer before, you’re not alone. But, that doesn’t hide the fact that a steamer is an essential investment item for anyone looking to break into the fashion industry, or any professional career for that matter.


Photo credit: Lindsay Albanese

Next time you're heading in for a job interview, remember: Only work for others who are as passionate as you are, every ‘no’ takes you one step closer to your dreams, and never leave home without de-wrinkling with SteamOne — SteamOne, steam all!