Working From Home: 5 Tips To Keep You Motivated


Calling all boss babes! Not everyone works a 9-5 office job (especially if you’re an entrepreneur), which is why efficiency is one of the most important factors for anyone who works from home. You can do everything in your power to remain as focused as possible, but your doorbell, telephone, or local magazine salesman will surely make an appearance to remind you that you are, in fact, working from home. So, how does one stay productive working out of the house? Isolation? Rewards? Everyone deals with motivation differently, but for the #GirlBosses who have yet to completely succeed at minimizing the amount of distractions you encounter, we have you covered. Here are 5 tips for working from home that will help maximize your potential!

Pretend You’re at Work. When you work from home on a constant basis, it is easy to forget about the little things. Why get dressed when no one will see you? Do you really need to put makeup on today? These small details might seem unimportant, but they will only hurt you in the long run. Getting ready as if you’re going into a professional setting will not only put you in a productive mood, but it will also increase your motivation to produce quality work. See below for a list of 4 work-from-home beauty essentials:

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Reward Yourself. Sounds cheesy, right? But it actually works! Set aside small rewards you can ‘give’ to yourself when you complete an assignment on time. This can be anything from making a personal phone call, to an extra 5-minutes during your break, or even a walk around the block to get some fresh air! The key is to make the rewards small enough to not distract you, but pleasant enough to have something to work towards.

Make Schedules. Working for yourself is easier said than done — when no boss is there to nag you about deadlines, how does anything get done?! In the morning, make a detailed schedule that includes everything you want to work on or finish on that given day. In addition, schedule in times for you to check your email, take social media breaks, or any other errands you need to do that day. That way, you can set deadlines for yourself and put time aside for projects that require more attention. These cute accessories will help keep everything organized:

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Network. Just because you’re not in an office filled with co-workers, doesn’t mean you can't take advantage of networking opportunities. Whether your business is new or thriving, try and schedule at least one coffee date a day. Getting out of the house will help ease your mind and create beneficial relationships simultaneously!

Find Your Place. Although the couch looks tempting enough to sit back with your laptop and relax, every #BossBabe needs an office-like space to retreat to when it is time for business. Whether you already have a home office or still need to transform the corner of your bedroom into a workspace, be sure to designate an area that is separate from your ‘home’ life and can act as your very own mini-office! Shop our favorite desk accessories below: