What It's Really Like As An Editor


If the extent of your fashion editor knowledge is Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada, you need to keep reading! Today we're asking NYLON's Global Editor-in-Chief Gabrielle Korn what it's really like as a magazine editor. Gabrielle is sharing her road to becoming an EIC, how social media has changed the fashion magazine game, and the pieces of advice she has for those looking to become editors. Keep scrolling to hear what Gabrielle has to say about life as an editor, and don't forget to see her at Simply LA on July 15th, where she'll be moderating our "Upping Your Social Media Game" panel!

Gabrielle Korn
Gabrielle Korn

SS: You’re the Global Editor-in-Chief at NYLON media. What does that position entail? I oversee all of NYLON's content across platforms—from print to digital, from social to video, and beyond. I work closely with our different departments to create original concepts that will excite and inspire our readers, while growing our audience.

SS: How did you get your start in your career? I got a job as an editorial assistant right after college at an online feminist journal (I majored in feminist and queer theory at NYU). I realized I loved writing and editing for the internet but didn't love the seriousness of feminist media, so I did freelance writing for a few years to get my name out there in order to eventually land a job in beauty at Refinery29. I was at Refinery during a period of explosive growth, so I learned how to increase quantity without sacrificing quality, while honing my skills as an editor and writer. When I came to NYLON in 2014 as a senior editor, we had an incredible opportunity to grow a strong digital presence—the brand was already so strong thanks to the amazing print publication.

SS: What’s one piece of advice you’ve received that has really resonated with you and has helped you become successful? That you're never as stuck as you think you are. There's always a solution or a way out of something—and amazing things start to happen once you get unstuck.

SS: You’ll be moderating our “Upping Your Social Media Game” panel at our #SimplyLA Conference this July. Why is social media so important for publications like NYLON? Social media is the first place that our readers encounter our content—while there are definitely readers who go straight to the homepage or the magazine, the vast majority are clicking our links on social. More importantly, it's how they share our content with their friends. So it's the thread that holds it all together, basically. It's how we get your attention and keep it.

SS: How do you see magazines changing and adapting as social media becomes increasingly more important? Magazines are figuring out that in order to keep their readership, they have to react to the world that is being created by social media. It's not just hashtags on cover lines—it's creating content that can still appeal to a reader who can get inspiration and information instantly from infinite sources. So magazines have to work harder to give their readers a reason to read them—it's pushing editors to be more creative.

SS: What tips do you have for those looking to make it into the world of fashion journalism? Start writing! Lots of people love fashion, but very few people are solid writers. Practice your craft—pitch editors constantly, ask for feedback, push yourself to learn and grow. Fashion journalism is journalism, after all. Never stop looking for a unique angle or a story that no one has told.

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