See What Fashion Trends Are In The Cards with Angie Banicki


Every season fashion editors try to guess what the latest trends will be, but why not let the cards decide? Tarot card reader Angie Banicki is doing just that, predicting our fashion futures! We sat down with her and asked about some of our favorite fashion trends—everything from off-the-shoulder tops to mule sandals. And the cards did not disappoint! If you're itching to get a personal tarot card reading from Banicki, you're in luck! She'll be bringing her tarot reading expertise to Simply LA, where she'll be giving one-on-one readings for conference attendees.

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SS: How did you get into reading tarot cards? Tarot started as this silly hobby, almost a way of playfully connecting with friends…that turned into strangers….which eventually turned into people offering to pay me for it! It became something I yearned to do and would drop anything and everything to be able to connect with someone via this new gift!

SS: Why do you think tarot card readings are beneficial? Sometimes we just want a reminder of where we are in life—what we are headed for and what we need to understand about ourselves. What are we learning? Verification that we’re on the right path. Confirmation to our gut instincts or even statements that tell us life isn’t happening exactly as we planned for! Tarot cards provide the reader and listener some of that insight!

SS: You’ve offered to do a fashion-related tarot card reading for us. What fashion trends do you see getting big for summer? The cards predict a lot of international influences and global style, especially Mediterranean influences (think Grecian dresses and gladiator sandals). Travel-inspired pieces will be big, but versatile pieces that can be worn to work. These influences will show up in surprising and unexpected ways.

I'm also getting teal & orange-reds (though not worn together!) as It-colors for summer.

SS: Any new beauty trends we should be prepping for? It looks like contouring and heavy makeup are on their way out. They're a little much for everyday, and my cards are telling me that a natural look will be more en vogue. I'm also getting that new natural & organic products will end up being longtime trends, and they will change the scope and growth of the beauty industry!

Surprisingly, the cards are predicting that defined brows are going out of style soon. I pulled a card that means "self-confidence" upside-down, which means that soon people will not be feeling as confident with full, defined eyebrows.

SS: What about a trend that’s on its way out soon? Off-the-shoulder tops and mule sandals may be popular now, but according to the cards they are on their way out. For the mule trend, I pulled the "tower" card, which predicts a disastrous end to this trend. Perhaps a designer will debut a pair so ugly that the shoe style falls out of favor?

SS: What’s one thing people should know about tarot card readings? They should NEVER be scary! They are a way of connecting to higher self and soul searching. They provide guidance from the most spiritual angle—meant to prepare you with knowledge to help you move forward in life! The cards shouldn’t tell you what you’re not capable of hearing. Make sure you always feel comfortable with the person reading you!

SS: What should Simply LA attendees expect when they come to see you? An experience. I would say at least 90% of people leave saying they feel so much better about their path and are trusting in the direction they are going. The most treasured compliment I’ve received is: every time I leave you, I feel like I can do anything and I’m filled with energy to get going! I literally attribute this as one being lifted back into their soul level where they know exactly why they are here and how much fun the process of life should be!

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